Chilled Mirror Hygrometer- Low Cost, High Precision DEWTRAN-LC

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Wall Mount Dewtran LC
Wall Mount Dewtran LC
Duct Mount Dewtran LC
Duct Mount Dewtran LC

DEWTRAN-LC Series High Precision Low Cost Chilled Mirror Dew Point Transmitter

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  • One of the Industry's Lowest Cost Dew Point Transmitters
  • Precision Dew Point Measurement Accuracy(±0.3°C)
  • Wall Mount or Duct Mount Models Available
  • Two Programmable Alarms (SPDT)
  • NIST Certificate
  • Two 4-20mA Analog Outputs (Configurable)
  • RS232 (Programmable)
  • Models with Temperature and Barometric Pressure Measurement are Available(Contact IOTrhifty)

The DEWTRAN-LC (patent pending) is our lowest cost series of  precision dew point chilled mirror transmitters that provide a quick and accurate measurement of dew point. The transmitter is available with two mounting styles, wall mount and duct mount. Each unit offers stable, accurate and repeatable measurements that are traceable to NIST. Dew points are measured down to -15°C @ 25°C (77F°) heat sink temperature.

The basic Dewtran LC includes one 4-20mA output which transmits the dew point temperature.   It is also available with temperature or barometric pressure output.  Those options add a second 4-20mA output signal.  The models with temperature output can also be programmed to transmit humidity as a one of the 4-20mA outputs. The humidity output would use one of the two 4-20mA outputs. 

RS232 Communications

The Dewtran LC can be programmed through an RS232 connection.  Any of the measurements can also be read via the RS232 connection.

Applications are HVAC, clean rooms, industrial processes, and the pharmaceutical industry.

 To Order the models below scroll to the top of the page and choose the desired model from the "Mount Style" drop down menu, then ADD TO CART
CM-RO-DT-LC-W Wall mount Dewtran LC with dew point temperature output
CM-RO-DT-LC-W-T Wall mount Dewtran LC with dew point temperature and temperature output
CM-RO-DT-LC-D Duct mount Dewtran LC with dew point temperature output
CM-RO-DT-LC-D-T Duct mount Dewtran LC with dew point temperature and temperature  output

 These transmitters are also available with optional barometric pressure measurement.  Please contact IOThrifty for product details, pricing and availability.



Dewtran-LC Spec. Sheet



Dew Point: +/-0.3°C
Air Temperature: +/-0.3°C
RH: +/-2%(0-80%), +/-3 % (>80% to 95% )
Relative Humidity: +/-2% (0-80%), +/-3 % (>80% to 95%)
Barometric Pressure: +/-3mb

Dew Point: -15°C to 25°C
Air Temperature: -10°C to 60°C
Pressure Rating: 125 psig-interface 1.25"-12UNF
Relative Humidity: 0-95% (non-condensing)
Barometric Pressure: +/-0.5°C


POWER: 24Vdc +/-3V @ 1.5A 

RS232 programmable

Power/signal connection, M12 connector w/6' cable (included)  

ALARMS: Two relays -1 Form C-0.5A @ 120/240Vac   


(2) 4-20mA (configurable)
Factory set-both outputs, -20C to 40°C

WEIGHT: less than 5lbs