PPMG101 Dew Point/Humidity Generator

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PPMG101 Dew Point/Humidity Generator

PPMG101 Dew Point/Humidity Generator

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  • Precision Dual Float Flow Meter, Plus a Precision, Switchable Double Dilution Source Provides for a Wide Dew Point Dynamic Range of -80°C to 15°C
  • Large Diameter, High Resolution Temperature Gauge Easily Viewable
  • No Electrical Power Needed
  • Portable
  • Easy to Fill Saturator
  • A Complete Calibration Transfers Standard System when Paired with our Chilled Mirror Hygrometer


 Because of special freight requirements the PPMG101 Dew Point/Humidity Generator is only available to purchase by quotation from IOthrifty.  Please contact IOthrifty for details.

The dew point generator, model PPMG101, is a precision moisture/humidity generator able to create a wide range of moisture levels. It can be used as a standalone verification unit or used in synchrony with an NIST traceable chilled mirror hygrometer to create a transfer standard calibration system for metrology labs, R & D and field calibrations. 

The PPMG101 dew point generator accepts a flow of dry gas, typically Nitrogen.   Using a precise mixing control system moisture is added to the gas in order to produce an output gas flow with a target moisture level.  For many humidity control applications, the PPMG101 may be used as a stand-alone moisture generator.  When paired with a chilled mirror hygrometer such as the Dewtran, it can create a calibration lab grade moisture/humidity standard.  Using the two instruments together, the PPMG101 dew point generator can create the desired moisture level.  The dew point hygrometer is a primary standard measurement standard which can provide the precise moisture level. 

The PPMG101 double dilution system offers a wide mixing ratio range of 50,000 to 1 (.5ppm to 25000 ppm) allowing a dew point/frost point range of -80°C to 15°C to be achieved. Regardless of the mixing flow adjustments, the flow output is constant, condensation and water backup issues removed because of the elevated saturation pressure and the total flow control meter.


PPMG101 User Manual



Response Time: < 2minutes
Sample Line Connections: ¼” tube compression fittings
Input Pressure: 150 psig max
Repeatability: +/-0.25°C
Adjustable Flow Rate: 0-6.5L/min (0-13scfh)
Operating Temperature: 5 to 40°C
Stability: +/-0.25°C
Accuracy: +/-0.5°C typical
Dry Gas Supply: Nitrogen, or dry air