Dewtran-HB Chilled Mirror Hygrometer for High Temperature

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High Temperature Heated Chilled Mirror Hygrometer, Roscid Model - Dewtran-HB
High Temperature Heated Chilled Mirror Hygrometer, Roscid Model - Dewtran-HB

High Temperature Heated Chilled Mirror Hygrometer, Roscid Model - Dewtran-HB

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  • Heated Chilled Mirror System for Elevated Dew Points Above Ambient
  • Temperature Controlled 2 Stage Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
  • Measures Elevated Dew Points Up to 95°C in Non-Condensing Environments
  • Dew Point Measurement Range from -30°C to 95°C
  • Accurate Measurement of Dew Point/Frost Point in a Gas Sample
  • Very Responsive & Repeatable to +/-0.05°C
  • Bi-directional RS232 Communication
  • NIST Traceable Certificate Included
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The CM-RO-DEWTRAN-HB is a temperature controlled 2 stage chilled mirror hygrometer suited to measure elevated dew points up to 95°C in a non-condensing environment. Dew point measurement range is from -30°C to 95°C. The chilled mirror uses a fundamental principle to accurately measure the dew point/frost point in a gas sample. It is typically used as a reference standard for dew point over the measurement range. It is very responsive and repeatable to +/-0.05°C and easy to maintain.

The CM-RO-DEWTRAN-HB has a built in automatic reference cycle (ARC) method that balances the optical signal for temperature change and mirror contaminants. The unit includes a heated stainless steel sintered filter and is rated to filter particles down to 7 microns. The filter element is easy to remove and clean.

The temperature inside the sensor housing is controlled via the RS232 communications. Unit comes with a 10 ft heated hose and NIST Certificate.

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Units come with 10 ft heated  hose, NIST Certificate, Manual


TECHNOLOGY: chilled mirror, 2 stage TEC

CALIBRATION: NIST traceable calibration

ACCURACY: +/- 0.2C (+/-0.36F)

REPEATABILITY: +/- 0.05C (+/-0.09F)

INTERNAL HEATED TEMP RANGE: ambient to 99C (77 to 210F) settable


PRESSURE: max 4.5 bar

SIGNAL OUTPUT: 4-20 mA, 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc

COMMUNICATION: RS232 bi-directional

ALARM: 2 NC/SPDT 1 form C-0.5a 120/240 Vac

POWER: 90-265 Vac

SAMPLE FLOW: 0.5 to 3 SCFH (0.25 to 1.42 I/M)

DISPLAY: 2-line LCD (backlit)

SENSOR ELEMENT: 1/3 Class A Din, 100 ohms 0C (32F)

HOUSING: IP65 enclosure

SIZE: 10.5 x 8.25 x 10 inches

FILTER: SS sinter filter, 7 microns

CONNECTION: 1/4 inch compression