RHT-XS Humidity and Temperature Transmitter with Remote Sensor

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RHT-XS Humidity and Temperature Transmitter with Remote Sensor

RHT-XS Humidity and Temperature Transmitter with Remote Sensor

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  • Isolated 4-20mA Outputs
  • Configurable for Humidity or Dew Point Temperature
  • Configurable Ranges
  • 3 Meter Cable Length
  • IP65 Electronic Housing Rating
  • Sensor Rated for -10 to 65°C and 145 PSI

RHT-XS humidity and transmitter features a highly accurate and stable sensor for measuring relative humidity and temperature. The measured values are converted into 4 to 20 mA output signals which are linearly scaled to their readings.  The RHT-XS includes an electronics module and remote sensor.  The sensor is designed for non pressurized environments.

Configurable Parameters
The RHT-XS has several configurable parameters which are set by using the free downloadable software and the TxConfig-USB adapter. Configurable settings include:

  • Humidity or Dew Point Temperature - The RHT-XS can be configured to transmit either humidity or dew point temperature
  • Scalable Measurement Range/Output- Both the humidity and temperature measurement ranges are settable.  This allows you to optimize the 4-20mA output range.
  • Sensor Failure - Upon sensor failure the output may be set to go to either 4 mA or 20mA.


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RHT-XS RHT-XS with 3 meter sensor cable
TxConfig-USB USB Configuration Adapter

RHT-XS Data Sheet
RHT-XS User Manual
SigNow Software

Humidity Measurement
Range: Programmable between 0 and 100 % RH or -100 and 103°C (-148 and 217.4 °F) for dew point.
Accuracy: 3% (refer to diagram)
Response Time: 8 seconds @25°C (in fairly still air)
Output Resolution: 0.022mA

Temperature Measurement
Range: Programmable between -40 and 120°C
Accuracy:  0.5°C (refer to diagram)
Response Time: up to 30s (in fairly still air)
Output Resolution:  0.006mA

Outputs:  Two 4-20mA, 2-wire loop
Power Supply: 12 to 30 Vdc
Isolation: Outputs are isolated from one another
Maximum Load Resistance: (Vdc-12)/0.02 where Vdc = Power supply in Volts.
Electronic Module  Protection: IP65
Sensor Protection: IP40
Electronic Module Operating Limits: -10 to 65°C, 0 to 95%RH
Sensor Operating Limits: -10 to 65°C, 0 to 100%RH
Sensor Cable Length: 3m
Certifications: CE Mark

The sensor may be damaged or lose calibration if it is exposed to aggressive atmospheres with high concentrations of  as Chloride Acid, Nitride Acid, Sulfuric Acid and Ammonia. Acetone, Ethanol and Propylene Glycol may also cause measurement damage.

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