3011 Series: Strain Gage, Temperature and Indicator Controller

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3011 Series: Strain Gage, Temperature and Indicator Controllers

3011 Series: Strain Gage, Temperature and Indicator Controllers

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  • Directly Accepts J/K/T/E/R/S/N/B Thermocouples
  • 0.54" High, Easy to Read 6 Character Display
  • Provides Precision 10VDC (120mA) for Strain Gage Excitation (all models)
  • 14 Segment Display for True Alphanumerics
  • 10 Amp S.P.D.T. Alarm Contacts
  • High Efficiency Red LED Characters
  • Scrolling Multi-word Configuration Prompts for Clarity
  • Up to 4 Available Alarms (Each Alarm Accommodates 1 Relay)
  • Security Code Lockout Prevents Unauthorized Access
  • Each Alarm Is Independently Configured to Latch
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3011 series of  strain gage, temperature and indicator controllers accept temperature  inputs J/K/T/E/R/S/N/B type thermocouples  and strain gage millivolt inputs between +/-125mV. To measure temperature simply specify the thermocouple type and C or F. Thermocouple curves are linearized displaying the temperature with +/-0.2°C.

Strain gage measurements are made by connecting the 4 wire bridge directly. The unit is calibrated by applying the desired min and max mV range to the meter and configuring what is to be displayed in engineering units. All programming is done via the front keypad. The +/-10V excitation supply may power up to four 350 Ohm cells.

The 3011 series is housed in an 1/8 DIN aluminum housing with a splash proof front panel. The six digit 0.54" high LED display provides easy viewing under all ambient light conditions and it's 14 segment alphanumeric display provides plain English prompting during configuration. Five active characters display process values between 99999 and -19999. The sixth character displays a C, or F when measuring temperature, a zero when measuring temperature, a zero character description such as a (#).

 To Order the models below scroll to the top of the page and choose the desired model from the "TYPE" drop down menu, then ADD TO CART
CN-DE-3011-0 Indicator Only
CN-DE-3011-2 Indicator/Controller w/2 Alarms
CN-DE-3011-4 Indicator/Controller w/4 Alarms

 NOTE: Strain Gauge 10V Excitation feature is included in all units.



J         -201 to 1200°C

K        -270 to 1372°C

T        -270 to 400°C

E        -270 to 1000°C

R          -50 to 1768°C

S          -50 to 1768°C

N        -270 to 1300°C

B          125 to 1820°C

MILLIVOLTS INPUT RANGE: +/-125 mV; Milliamp: via 5 OHM shunt, 25 ma max


Open Input Indication: Input goes upscale, display indicates “+OVERF”

Impedance: 90 Megaohms

Configuration: Thermocouple type, ºF or ºC, selected from keypad; Millivolt inputs, calibrated from keypad (display #, etc.)


Cold Junction Compensation: Digitally compensated to less than 0.1ºC from -40 to 85ºC.

Common Mode Rejection: Greater than 120 dB at 50/60 Hz

Normal Mode Rejection: Greater than 64 dB at 50/60 Hz

Temperature Effect Zero: ±0.01% of reading per ºC

Temperature Effect Span: ±0.01% of reading per ºC

Operating Temperature: 0 to 70ºC

Failsafe Operation: Relay coils are energized in nonalarm condition, relay de-energizes on alarm or power failure. 3db@ 3Hz samples @ 5Hz


Bright red LED, 0.54 inch high, 14 segment alphanumeric characters. Five active positive digits, four active negative digits, and one digit to indicate ºC, ºF or to be used as a one digit descriptor or fixed zero; display provides plain English prompts during configuration.

Display Update: 10Hz

Display Resolution: 0.1ºC or ºF for temperature inputs; +9999 to -1999 in 1 count steps

A/D Resolution: 20 bits

CALIBRATION: Accuracy: ±0.2ºC or ±microvolts for mV inputs

ENCLOSURE: 1/8 DIN, polycarbonate bezel, aluminum body,splash proof front panel. Dimensions: 1-15/16” H × 3-3/4” W × 6-1/2” D

ALARMS: Status Indication: Front panel LED’s, flashing display, horn; flashing display and horn active or inactive, menu selectable

POINTS: 0, 2, or 4 independently set trip and reset points (100% hysteresis); Alarm action high or low determined by setting trip and reset points

LATCHING: All alarms can be latching or non latching, menu selectable, reset from keypad

AUDIBLE ALARM: An audible alarm can be enabled or disabled for each channel during configuration; Options include: 1. Always sound while in alarm, 2. Sounds while in alarm but can be reset from keypad, 3. Sounds during and continues after an alarm condition, must be reset from keypad, 4. Sounds going into or coming out of alarm, continues sounding until acknowledged

CONTACTS: SPDT (form C) relays; 10 amps, 250 VAC; 8 amps, 24 VDC resistive; 1/3 HP, 120 VAC; 1/2 HP, 240 VAC


Connections: 15 position, plug-in terminal block for power and relay contacts; 6 position, plug-in terminal block for input and excitation voltage; 24 to 14 AWG

Excitation Voltage: Isolated 10 VDC at 120 mA. Current limit 150 mA; Fine adjustment pot at rear of enclosure; Temperature effect 43 ppm per ºC typ., 250 ppm per ºC max.; Isolation strength: 500 VAC

POWER REQUIREMENT: 90 to 140 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10VA or 120- 190VDC

SECURITY PASSWORD: 6 digit security password to enter configuration menu, user selectable, enabled or disabled by internal switch setting

WARRANTY: 2 years, Made in USA