CAL599 Thermocouple Proces Signal Calibrator/Signal Source

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CAL599 Thermocouple and Process Signal  Meter and Signal Source
CAL599 Thermocouple and Process Signal  Meter and Signal Source
CAL599 with Tilt Stand
CAL599 with Tilt Stand
CAL599 With Included Accessories
CAL599 With Included Accessories

CAL599 Thermocouple and Process Signal Meter and Signal Source

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  • Reads and Sources
     Eight Thermocouple Types - J, K, T, E, R, S, N, B
     Millivolt - 100 mVDC
     Voltage - 30 VDC
     Current - 0-22 mA With and Without  Loop Power
  •  Step and Automatic Waveform Output
  •  Simultaneous Display of V, mA and Percentage
  •  Automatic Shutdown
  •  Displays Temperature in °C and °F
  •  Use in the Plant, Field or Shop
  •  Includes Rubber Boot, Carrying Case, Test Leads with Probes and Snap-on Alligator Clips

The CAL599 is a low cost full featured reader and signal source for thermocouples and process signals.  It supports a wide variety of signals including thermocouples, millivolt, voltage and mA signals.

The CAL599 supports J, K, T, E, R, S, N, B.  As a meter it can read the full temperature range of these thermocouples.  As a source output it will output a signal from 0°C to the upper range of the thermocouple.  When working with thermocouples you can select automatic cold junction compensation or manual compensation (the user sets the cold junction temperature).  Cold junction compensation may also be disabled.

Millivolt and Voltages
The CAL599 can read and source both millvolts and voltages.  As millivolt reader it can measure signals from -10 to 11 0mVdc and source 0 to 110 mVdc.  The voltage measurement range is -5 to 30 Vdc and the voltage source range is 0 to 11 Vdc.  The voltage output can be incremented or decremented by individual digit, or can be incremented in percent of full scale. You can also select waveform output in which the signal will ramp according to a preset waveform.

mA Current Signals
In the mA current mode the CAL599 has a range of 0-22mA.  It can measure current while providing 24Vdc loop power or without providing loop power.  The loop power is useful  when working with transmitters and other sensors which require power.  When sourcing current, the CAL599 can generate a current output or it can simulate a loop powered transmitter.  In the simulate mode the CAL599 can be  connected to a loop which already has power and it will regulate the current to the desired level.

CAL599 Functions

CAL599 Functions


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Thermocouple/Process Meter and Signal Source



CAL599 User Manual



Measurement Ranges
DC millivolt: -10 to 110mV
DC voltage: -5 to 30V
DC current: 0mA to 22mA
    J: -200 to 1200°C
    K: -200 to 1370°C
    T: -200 to 400°C
    E  -200 to 1000°C
    R:  0 to 1760°C
    S:  0 to 1760°C
    N: -200 to 1300°C
    B: 400 to 1820°C

Output Ranges
DC millivolt: 0mV to 110mV
DC voltage: 0V to 11V
DC current: 0mA to 22mA
    J: 0 to 1200°C
    K: 0 to 1370°C
    T: 0 to 400°C
    E: 0 to 1000°C
    R: 0 to 1760°C
    S: 0 to 1760°C
    N: 0 to 1300°C
    B: 400 to 1820°C

Accuracy : 0.2% of reading plus + 4 least significant digits (add 1°C for thermocouple cold junction error)

DC millivolt: 100uV
DC voltage: 10mV
DC current:  0.01mA
Thermocouples: 1°C

Input Impedance (Measurement Mode)
Millivolt/Thermocouples: > 1MΩ
Voltage: 300kΩ (nominal)
Current: Load voltage: approx. 18mV/mA

Display Refresh: 2-3 times/second
Overload Protection: 50mA/30V
Operating Temperature/Humidity: 0 to 40°C and a relative humidity below 85% (no condensation)
Storage Temperature/Humidity:  -20 to 60°C and a relative humidity below 90% (no condensation)
Temperature Coefficient: 0.1 × basic precision/°C (temperature range <18°C or >28 °C)
Ambient Conditions for Use: Indoor and outdoor use (not waterproof), with an elevation of 0-2000m
Power: Three 1.5 V AAA alkaline batteries
Power Consumption
Loop current measurement and DC current output (SOURCE) 20mA (a load of 1000Ω): approx. 1000mVA
Other work function: approx. 300mVA
Automatic Shutdown:  No activity for about 15 min by default
Preheat Time: 10 min
Size: 151(L)×75(W)×42(D)mm
Weight:  Approx. 230 g