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HotSpot I Thermocouple Welder
HotSpot I Thermocouple Welder

Thermocouple Welder - HotSpot I

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  • In Stock for FAST and FREE Delivery
  • Quick Action, Give Up Waiting for Ready Made t/c Junctions, Make Your Own!
  • Economical, Not Only Do You Save Time, You Reduce Cost By Using Standard t/c Wire
  • Easy-To-Use, an Inexperienced Operator Will Quickly be Mfg t/c's
  • Flexible, Adjust Weld Power to Varying t/c Materials/Wire Gauges to Make Butt Welds or Free Standing Junctions
  • Comes With 6" Wire Holding Pliers, Rechargeable Battery, Eye Shielding Protective Goggles, Grounding Magnet, Carbon Block, Manual

The HotSpot I thermocouple welder is designed to help solve your thermocouple fabrication needs. The welder generates an electric arc for fusing standard couple elements into freestanding beads and welds them to any thickness base metal.

Visual and sonic indicators alert the operator when the welder has cycled and is at the user selected power level. The system is powered directly from the AC line through a step-down transformer, or from a gel type battery which provides power for a few hundred welds off-line.

The battery is automatically recharged whenever the unit is connected to AC power.

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 *Comes with wraparound field cover, holding vice, diagonal cutter, miniature 5" wire holding pliers, high temperature utility cement, dressing file, extra pair of electrode attachment ferrules, magnifier


SIZE: 3 1/4" high, 6" wide, 6 1/4" deep

WEIGHT: 6 1/4 lbs

STORED WELD ENERGY: 5 to 50 watt seconds

WIRE GAUGE: welds wire pairs as large as #14 J.K,E(#16 T) and as small as #36 gauge

CYCLE TIME: can perform 5 to 10 welds per minute, depending on energy setting

CONTROLS: provides energy adjustment control & visual & audio indication ofweld charge cycle completion

POWER: will operate from either AC lines or self-charging internal battery. Will perform several hundred welds on charged battery. 120 VAC 60 Hz line power (220 VAC 50 Hz optional)


The power level available for welding is set by the position of the front of the control knob. This control also functions as the on/off switch. The know is calibrated in Watt seconds or Joules. The maximum available power is approximately 50-Watt seconds. The control actually regulates the voltage to which the energy storage capacitor is charged. The stored energy is proportional to the square of the voltage and the voltage can be varied between 15V and 80V. Increasing the setting of the control knob will cause the capacitor to be charged to the higher level. However decreasing the setting will not reduce the value already stored, as a result, s welding cycle will always release an energy pulse equal to the highest setting since the last discharge.

When the internal circuitry has charged the energy storage capacitor to the level set by the control knob, the front panel LED and internal sounder are activated. These inform the operator that the unit is ready for another cycle. The sounder also helps to conserve battery energy during portable operation by reminding the operator that the welder had been left on.

A circuit breaker protects against overloads. The circuit breaker opens the low voltage AC/DC supply if excessive current is being drawn. A 1/4 amp fuse mounted on the internal circuit board is in series with the AC power cord.