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HotSpot PLUS Thermocouple & Capacitive Discharge Stud Welder
HotSpot PLUS Thermocouple & Capacitive Discharge Stud Welder

Thermocouple & Capacitive Discharge Stud Welder - HotSpot PLUS

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  • Welding Initiation Control Via the Handheld Tool Holder
  • Includes $150 Value Attachment Cable w/Handheld Control Assembly & Pliers
  • No Stored Energy is Released Until Welding Elements are in Contact
  • Standard & Heavy Wire Thermocouple Welding Functions
  • Simple Spot Welding, Stud Welding, and Pin Welding Modes
  • Quick Action, Light & Portable, Make 6 or More Welds Per Minute
  • Easy-To-Use, Anyone Can Quickly Become Proficient
  • Firing Button & Simple On/Off & Energy Level Adjustments
  • Comes With Eye Shielding Protective Goggles, Carbon Block, Grounding Magnet, Manual, Attachment Cable w/Handheld Control Assembly & Pliers

The HotSpot PLUS welder is a dual range high-energy unit that has the versatility to provide fine control as well as the high power capability needed for heavier welds. Front panel indicators and controls allow the operator to easily monitor the status, set the energy level, and initiate a weld cycle. A remote firing switch is also provided on the attachment handle.

The welder's handheld tool holder has welding initiation control, multiple operations are faster and no stored energy is released until the welding elements are in contact. The welder offers several fixturing and welding attachments to facilitate simple spot welding, stud welding and pin welding modes. In addition the welder provides standard and heavy wire thermocouple welding functions.

The HotSpot PLUS is designed to handle the attachment of heavy wires, light gauge studs and weldable pins to metal surfaces. It can also close large tubes, aid in wire harness strap spot welding and insulation blanket installation. And it's controllable weld energy capability matches the needs of strain gauge attachment applications.

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WL-DCC-HOTSPOT-PLUS HotSpot PLUS Power & Energy Control Welder
WL-DCC-HOTSPOT-PLUS-TOOL Spot Welding Attachment Tool
WL-DCC-HOTSPOT-PLUS-STUD Stud Welding Attachment Tool (collet not included)
WL-DCC-HOTSPOT-PLUS-PIN-10 Insul Pin #10 Attachment Tool
WL-DCC-HOTSPOT-PLUS-PIN-12 Insul Pin #12 Attachment Tool
WL-DCC-TIPS Spot Welding Tips, pk of 6
WL-DCC-PLIERS HotSpot PLUS Welding Pliers
WL-DCC-SWITCH-CABLE Foot Switch & 12' Connecting Cable



Size: 3.5" high, 8.5" deep, 11.5" wide (less handle)

Weight: 18 lbs

STORED WELD ENERGY: 5 to 525 watt seconds

WELD CAPACITY: welds up to #10 studs, #10 pins, #12 gague wire pairs

CYCLE TIME: charging time at maximum energy setting is less than 10 seconds

CONTROLS: provides energy adjustment control, 2 position energy range switch, on/off ac power switch and LED display to indicate charging and energy storage status

POWER: uses 120VAC 60 Hz line power (220 VAC 50 Hz optional) Circuit protected by 1.5 amp line breaker


The HotSpot PLUS is powered from the AC line through an isolation transformer and stored energy level circuitry. Front panel indicators and controls allow the operator to easily monitor the status of the unit, determine the level of energy to be transferred to the storage capacitors and initiate a weld cycle. The maximum power output of the HotSpot PLUS is approximately 500 Joules. The power level is set by the position of the front panel control knob. The power ranges, high or low, are selected by a two position toggle switch. Initiation of the welding discharge is controlled by a front panel snap action push switch, a similar companion switch on the hand tool accessory holder, or an optional foot switch.

The power range switch and energy level control set the voltage to which the energy storage capacitors are charged. Peak voltage on the low range is approximately 35 VDC and on the high range 75 VDC. The stored energy is proportional to the square of the capacitor voltage. Increasing the setting of the control knob will cause the capacitor to be charged to a higher level. Decreasing the setting will not immediately reduce the value already stored so a welding cycle will always release an energy pulse equal to the highest power setting since the last recent discharge. A resettable circuit breaker in the primary AC line is acceible on the unit's back panel and protects against damage from internal circuit shorts and similar fault conditions.