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N1200 Universal Input PID Controller

  The N1200 process controller was designed for high performance control in the most demanding applications. The N1200 supports a wide range of th...

VTMS Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System

  The VTMS is an ISO17025 accredited wireless temperature data logging system specifically designed to continuously monitor temperature-sensitive ...

N1500FT Flow Rate & Totalizer Panel Meter

  The N1500FT indicator/panel meter is the ideal device to monitor the flow of water and other liquids. Quick and easy to set up via the front key...

IOthrifty UbitBot Cloud Platform

  IOthrifty's UbiBot Cloud Platform is an IOT cloud platform that works with the Ubibot data loggers. The cloud platform provides device configura...

IOThrifty's Thermcouple Welder Model TC-WELDER

  The TC-WELDER by IOThrifty is a low cost high performance thermocouple spot welder. It includes the features typically found in thermocouple wel...

PyroNFC App Configurable Pyrometer

  This miniature infrared temperature sensor is available with either thermocouple or analog voltage output. It can be programmed using Near Field...

Introduction to Precise Log Multi-Channel WiFi Data Loggers for Temperature and Process Signals

Precise Log is family of data loggers offered by IOthrifty for thermocouples, thermistors, voltage and millivolt signals. The Precise Log data loggers can store 8 megabytes of data and transfer that data to a computer through either WiFi or USB communication.

TCTempX - Multi Channel Thermocouple Loggers, 4, 8, 12 and 16 Channel

The TCTempX Series consists of 4, 8, 12 and 16-channel thermocouple data loggers with a reading rate of up to 4 Hz.

NP785 Ultra Low Differential Pressure Transmitter

The NP785 is an ultra low differential pressure transmitter for measuring very differential pressures in neutral, non-corrosive gaseous media. It provides a pressure proportional linear signal output with configurable measuring range via USB using the configuration software. 

N1030 PID Temperature Controller

The N1030 is a powerful but compact temperature controller. Easy to install and configure, its compact 1/16 DIN size allows it to fit perfectly into most control panels including those where space is at a premium. It can work with a variety of temperature sensors and operate in either the ON/OFF or PID control mode.

IOThrifty FTBSL6 Fluidized Bath for Thermal Cleaning and Temperature Calibration

Fluidized Temperature Baths have been the heat source of choice for over 20 years by many Fortune 500 plastic, medical device manufacturers as well as companies who require fast heat up of their immersed devices, sensors and materials with minimal quenching. Unlike competing Fluidized baths, these systems have a smaller footprint, include advanced features and cost thousands of dollars less. 

PR1000 Submersible Pressure and Temperature Data Logger

   The PR1000 is a pressure and temperature data logger used to accurately monitor and record at user programmable reading intervals. The rugged s...