Wireless and IOT Sensors

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Wireless and IOT Sensors

Wireless sensors can communicate with another device via a wireless connection.   The device the sensor connects with can be a receiving device, a local computer or a computer hosted in the cloud.  The type of communication used depends on the device and the application requirements.   Typical communication standards supported include:

WiFi(IEEE 802.11) - This is the same WiFi which is used in most homes and businesses.   It is best used in an environment that already uses WiFi

Mobile Cellular - Ideally used when no other wireless network exists at the location.

Industrial Standards - There are many different industrial wireless standards..   They are normally to communication between two or more industrial devices.   For example, the IOthrifty AIRGATE-MODBUS uses Novus 802.15.4 which consumes low power and transmits much further than standard WiFI.

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