Humidity Transmitters

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Humidity Transmitters

Humidity transmitters are electronic devices that convert a humidity measurement into an electronic signal that can be sent to another device for display, recording or control.  Humidity transmitters are vital for managing and monitoring humidity levels in a wide range of environments, from industrial processes to HVAC systems. These devices convert humidity measurements from sensors into a standardized output signal, facilitating easy integration and communication with control systems.

When selecting a humidity transmitter, consider these essential factors:

1.     Temperature and Pressure:  The temperature and pressure range for humidity sensors can vary from one device to another.   Ensuring that a sensor’s temperature and pressure limits fall within the range of  the process parameters is critical.

2.     Output Signal: Typical output signals from humidity transmitters include 4-20mA, 0-10V, or digital formats like RS485. Choosing the appropriate output signal type ensures that the transmitter can effectively communicate with your existing control system.

3.     Accuracy: Accuracy is paramount in humidity control, especially in critical applications like pharmaceuticals or food processing. Select transmitters that meet the required accuracy and resolution.

4.     Gas Composition: The composition of the measured gas environment can affect the operation and life of the sensor.  While all sensors will operate in clean air or inert gases, Caustic or acidic gases may prevent the sensor from operating or reduce its life.  Also gases with particulates may foul the sensor which those cases an option filter may resolve the problem.

5.     Advanced Features: Features such as an on-board display, data logging, alarms or wireless functionality can provide greater flexibility and insight into environmental conditions.

Choosing the right humidity transmitter helps ensure accurate and reliable monitoring of humidity, which is crucial for optimizing the conditions of your environment. With the appropriate transmitter, you can enhance system efficiency and maintain optimal operational conditions.

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