Thermocouple Welders

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Thermocouple Welders

Thermocouple welders are specialized welders designed to handle the challenging task of welding the delicate wires used in thermocouples.

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor which is created by joining two dissimilar metals. The metals are normally fine gauge wires which are joined at a welded point which is typically in the shape of a rounded bead.  Creating a welded thermocouple can be challenging with standard welding equipment due to the thermal characteristics of the alloys in the thermocouple wire as well as the size of the wire, which is usually 20 AWG or less.

The shape of the welded bead at the junction of the thermocouple wire can also have an impact on the temperature measurement.  If the application requires high response rate, an oversized or malformed bead with excess thermal mass could negatively impact the sensors response time.

Our thermocouple welders are designed specifically to weld thermocouples.  They have the precise power control needed for the various thermocouple alloy types.  They also include a host of features and accessories that are required to work with the delicate fine gauge wires.

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