RTD (PT100) Calibrator Simulator/Source Plus Ohms Model PIE 510B

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PIE 510B RTD(PT100) Simulator/Source
PIE 510B RTD(PT100) Simulator/Source
PIE 510B RTD(PT100) Simulator/Source  with Optional Rubber Boot
PIE 510B RTD(PT100) Simulator/Source with Optional Rubber Boot

510B RTD (PT100) Simulator/Source Plus Ohms

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  • Easy to Use; Take It Into the Shop, Plant or Field
  • Simulates 1 Type, Pt100, 0.00385
  • Calibrate Directly in C/F
  • Compatible With All Process Instruments
  • Nist Certificate Included
  • Accurate to +/-0.25C (+/-0.5F) for Pt 100 Ohms RTD's w/0.1C Resolution
  • Guaranteed Compatible w/Devices Using Pulsed Excitation Currents Including PLCs, DCS, Multi Channel Recorders
  • EZ-DIAL Knob With 2 Dialing Speeds Makes Adjusting Output Easy
  • EZ-Check Switch Stores Settings for 0% & 100% Span Adjustments
  • Battery Life 45 Hrs Under Typical Continuous Usage

The 510B-PT-100-1 simulates RTD resistances into all types of process instruments including transmitters, recorders, controllers, alarms, data aquisition, and computer systems. No longer will you need to lug a decade box around or make errors reading RTD tables incorrectly. The 510B-PT-100-1 is a superior replacement for decade boxes by allowing you to dial directly in temperature. It also has better accuracy than many higher priced calibrators.

With the 510B-PT-100-1 you can continuously select output temperatures. And you can instantly select 3 outputs ranges by flipping the EZ-Check switch to calibrate zero, span and mid-point. Built-in LCD display with backlight helps for easy viewing in dark locations.

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CL-PI-510B-PT-100-1 RTD Simulator, 1 Type (Pt100, 0.00385)

 Comes with NIST Cert, 4-AA alkaline batteries,  2 red & 2 black leads w/retracable shield banana plugs & spade lugs.

SPECIFICATIONS (unless otherwise indicated all specs are rated from a nominal 23C, 70% RH for 1 year from calibration)

ACCURACY: +/-(0.015% of setting in ohms + 0.05 ohms)

TEMPERATURE DRIFT: +/- 0.05 ohms/C

OPERATING TEMP RANGE: -25 to 60C (-10 to 140F)

RH RANGE: 10% <RH <90% (0 to 35C) non-condensing

DIMENSIONS: 4.96 x 2.73 x 1.79 in (126 x 69 x 45 mm)

WEIGHT: 8.4 oz (0.24 kg (including 4 AA batteries)

BATTERY LIFE: 45 hrs with low battery warning of 1 hr left

PROTECTION AGAINST MISCONNECTION: Over-voltage protection to 60 V dc (rated for 30 seconds)

DISPLAY: High contrast LCD with LED backlight for use in dim lit areas


Accuracy from 1 to 10.2 mA external excitation current: +/-(0.015% of setting + 0.005 ohms)

Accuracy below 1 mA of external excitation: +/-(0.015% of setting +0.01mV/mA excitation current + 0.05 ohms)

Resistance ranges, 0.00 to 410.00, 410.1 to 4001.0 ohms

Allowable excitation current range, <410 ohms: 10.2 mA max; steady or pulsed/intermittent

Pulsed excitation current compatibility DC to 0.01 seconds pulse width