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Roscid Technologies

Roscid Technologies is a global leader in manufacturer of precision measuring instruments for dew point, relative humidity, oxygen and hydrogen. Lead by a team of engineers with over a 100 years’ experience in the field of sensing technologies. Roscid Technologies sensors, transmitters, hygrometer and analyzers cover the measuring range of trace levels (PPM) to the percent range. Roscid also offers one stop shopping in designing and manufacturing gas analyzing panels for oxygen, hydrogen and moisture. The product range includes:

Chilled mirror hygrometers, where precision accuracy, repeatability, and longevity are critical. Typically used as a NIST transfer reference standard or in applications where reliability and precision measurements are needed. Ideal for calibration labs, pharmaceutical, glove box and medical industries.

Relative humidity transmitters and sensors for use in military, compressed air, clean rooms, data storage centers, medical breathing air and HVAC applications. Roscid will customize a humidity or oxygen transmitter to fit and monitor a customer’s specific application.

A dew point generator and reference dew-point hygrometers, together creates a NIST traceable calibration system. A dew point calibration system allowing the end-user to perform calibration on other secondary dew point and humidity transmitters.

Electro-chemical oxygen transmitters-analyzers for glove box, calibration labs, scientific labs, process controls, nitrogen applications. Used as an oxygen safety monitor, great for monitoring Oxygen levels in gas purity applications, controlling critical applications and where ATEX approval is needed.

Hydrogen Transmitters for percent and trace levels. Used for the electrolyzer markets, Helium and Argon recycling, Zero oxygen applications and Gas production plants.

Trace moisture analyzer for trace levels of moisture down -100C, configured with a display or as 4-20mA loop powered transmitter. Ideal for air separator markets, endothermal plants, steel plants, semiconductor and natural gas.

A single gas analyzer with dual and triple sensors: Configured to measure, oxygen and moisture, humidity, barometric pressure and temperature or dew point, line pressure and temperature.

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