N1040 1/16 DIN PID Temperature Controller with USB Communications and

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N1040 1/16 DIN PID Temperature Controller with USB Communications and Optional RS485

N1040 1/16 DIN PID Temperature Controller with USB Communications and Optional RS485

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UL Recognized Component Marks for Canada and the United States
  • Accepts Thermocouples J, K, T and Pt100 RTD
  • Up to Four Outputs (3 Relays Plus Pulse Ouput)
  • Auto Tuning PID
  • Outputs Programmable for Main Control or Alarm
  • USB Programmable
  • Alarm Functions: Low, High, Differential, Low Differential, High Differential, Sensor Break
  • Loop Break Detection Detects Failures in the Control Loop
  • Simplified Programming
  • Optional RS485 With ModBus RTU Protocol

Despite its low cost, the N1040 is a high accuracy 1/16 DIN PID temperature controller packed full of features. It's depth is only 70mm a big benefit when panel space is limited.  Its exclusive removable terminal block makes wiring the input and output connections a simple process..

The N1040 accepts Pt100 RTDs and thermocouple types J, K and T. It is available with one, two or three relay outputs plus one pulse output. Any of the outputs can be configured to be a control output or alarm output.  An output may also be set to activate if a sensor break occurs.  The auto tune feature greatly simplifies integrating the controller into your process.

USB and RS485 Communications
The N1040 comes standard with USB communications and is available with optional RS485.  The USB interface can be used for configuring or monitoring of the controller. We offer a NCONFIG, a free software available via download for communication via the USB port. NConfig software must be used for the controller configuration. NConfig makes it possible to create, view, save and open configurations from the equipment or files in your computer.

For Monitoring purposes you can use any supervisory software (SCADA) or laboratory software that supports the MODBUS RTU communication on a serial communications port.


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Model N1040-PRIn Stock 1 Relay, 1 Pulse Output, 100/240V Power
Model N1040-PR-24VIn Stock 1 Relay, 1 Pulse Output, 24V Power
Model N1040-PRRIn Stock  2 Relays, 1 Pulse Output, 100/240V Power
Model N1040-PRR-24VIn Stock

 2 Relays, 1 Pulse Output, 24V Power

Model N1040-PRRR-485In Stock

3 Relays, 1 Pulse Output, RS485, 100/240V Power

Model N1040-PRRR-24V

3 Relay ,1 Pulse Output, 24V Power



User Manual

Registers for Modbus Communication
Dimensional Drawing
Quick Tune Configuration Software
FieldChart-Lite Supervisory and Data Acquisition Software




Thermocouples: J (-50°C to 760°C), K (-90°C to 1370°C), T (-100°C to 400°C) RTDs: Pt100 RTDs (2 or 3 wires),-200°C to 530 °C, a=0.00385
Input Sampling Rate: Up to 55 samples per second
Accuracy: Thermocouples 0.25% of span ± 1°C, Pt100 0.2% of span

Out1: Voltage pulse 5V, 25mA
Out2 and Out3:  Relay SPST 1.5 A, 240 Vac/30 Vdc
Out4: Relay SPDT; 3A, 240 Vac/30 Vdc

Standard: 100 to 240 Vac 50/60 Hz and 48 to 240 Vdc
24V Option: 12 to 24 Vdc/24 Vac
Operating environment: 0 to 50°C, 0 at 80% RH
Panel cutout: 46x 46 mm
Consumption: 6 VA maximum
Protection rate: IP65 front panel, IP30 back enclosure
Enclosure/front panel material: PC (UL94 V-2)
Approximate weight: 75 g
Certifications: CE and UL
Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 80 mm