FM Approved, Intrinsically Safe Two Wire RTD Transmitter - 18-812IS

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FM Approved, Intrinisically Safe, Two Wire Wire RTD Transmitter - Devar Model 18-812IS
FM Approved, Intrinisically Safe, Two Wire Wire RTD Transmitter - Devar Model 18-812IS

18-812IS RTD Transmitter, FM Approved and Intrinsically Safe

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  • RTD Input, 100 Ohm, Pt 0.00385
  • FM Approved, Intrinsically Safe
  • Non-Isolated
  • +/- 0.1% Full Scale Accuracy
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Mounts In Standard RTD Connector Head
  • Fully RFI Protected
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18-812IS series of  signal transmitters provide accurate and reproducible conversion of RTD signals to 2-wire 4/20 mA outputs.

Their small size allows easy, space saving mounting in most standard RTD connection heads. This provides a compact mounting assembly located at the point of measurement. Operational errors due to noise pickup and leadwire resistance errors are virtually eliminated. This assures a stable 4/20 mA output signal transmitted directly from the measuring source.

Each transmitter is supplied pre-calibrated to standard temperature or resistance ranges. Accessible multi-turn trimmer pots provide for a ±25% zero and span adjustment and allow for precise 0.1% F.S. calibration.

RFI protection meeting SAMA PMC 33.1-1978- 2 abc requirements is achieved by unique input and output signal filtering. Further protection is provided by the use of a metal housing.

A linearizing circuit is built into all standard range units. This allows the output current to be proportional to the sensed temperature within a linearity of ±0.1% F.S. plus 4:1 improvement of non-linearities normally encountered in the RTD curve.

Typical applications include temperature measurements from within an existing or newly installed thermal connection head in most industrial environments. Also, its small size makes these transmitters ideal for high density SnapTrack or surface mounting for either temperature or variable resistance measurements in general purpose applications.

These units carry Intrinsically Safe Approval from Factory Mutual for Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C & D. Their low cost and rugged industrial design also makes them desirable for use in HVAC installations where reliable heating, cooling water, duct or ambient temperature measurements are required.


User Manual


 To Order the models below scroll to the top of the page and choose the desired model from the "Temperature Range" drop down menu, then ADD TO CART
TX-DE-18-812IS-10/-40-120F -40 to 120°F
TX-DE-18-812IS-11/0-200F     0 to 200°F
TX-DE-18-812IS-12/0-300F     0 to 300°F
TX-DE-18-812IS-13/0-500F     0 to 500°F
TX-DE-18-812IS-14/0-750F     0 to 750°F
TX-DE-18-812IS-15/0-1000F     0 to 1000°F




RTD, Standard Ranges, Linearized to Temperature 100 Ohm Platinum RTD α = 0.00385 

    From                 To

ACCURACY: ±0.1% F.S., includes effects of Linearity, Hysteresis, and Repeatability referred to millivolt input.


RANGE: 4 to 20 mA DC

LIMIT: 3.4 to 27 mA DC

LOAD RESISTANCE: RL = (Vsup. - 11)/20 = K Ohms

LOAD EFFECT: ±0.05% per 300 Ohms



Zero Shift: ±0.01% / °F of Span

Span Shift: ±0.01% / °F of Span



POWER SUPPLY EFFECT: 0.01% of span per volt variation

RFI PROTECTION: rated Class 3-C: 0.25% of span per SAMA PMC 33.1 - 1987 - abc

CALIBRATION RANGE: zero: ±0.25% of full scale span: ±0.25 of full scale

POWER SUPPLY EFFECT: ±0.01% output span/volt