Block Style Temperature Calibrator Accurate Thermal Systems Model ThermCal1300

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ThermCal130 Dry Block Calibrator
ThermCal130 Dry Block Calibrator

ThermCal130 Temperature Calibrator for Heating and Cooling

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  • Laboratory Performance at an Economical Price
  • Lightweight and Portable for Use in the Field
  • Removable Probe Inserts for Flexibility & Many Probe Sizes
  • Ramp Rate Feature for Accurate Testing of Temperature Switches
  • Fast Heat Up & Stabilization
  • Operating Range: -25°C(-4°F) to 130°C(266°F)
  • Calibrated to C, contact for F calibration (no charge)
  • CE, Designed & Mfg in the USA
  • Traceable Cal Certificate

The Thermcal130 by Accurate Thermal Systems is a a precision dry block calibrator suitable for high accuracy calibration of temperature probes including RTDs (PT100), thermocouples , thermistors and any other probe style temperature sensor.

With over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing and supporting Dry Block Temperature Calibrators, Accurate Thermal Systems has developed two units that offer outstanding performance features and value that are unmatched in the market place. These units have a small footprint, a fast heat up and cool down time and weigh only 17 lbs (with an insert) for both field and laboratory use.

Unlike many competing lower cost models that only offer a fixed block, these units accept inserts for probe size flexibility in addition to a fixed 1/4" reference hole.

The ThermCal130 controller offers a large, bright and easy to read display. Adjustable ramp rates for testing of thermal switches. The controller is switchable between F and C along with the ability to adjust unit calibration using the customer's own reference standard. Up to 8 set points can be saved for quick recall.

Included in the unit is a fixed  1/4" reference hole, carrying strap, insert removal tool, main cable and traceable calibration certificate.

For continued years of reliable operation, in addition to the heat sink cooling fan, a small chassis cooling fan keeps the internal components and the controller cool at all operating temperatures.

System requirements:120 or 240 VAC mains supply 50/60mz, 2 amp supply (120 volt), 1 amp supply (240 volt)

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ThermCal130 Dry Block Calibrator - 120 volt


ThermCal130 Dry Block Calibrator - 240 volt


CL-AC-ATS3074 Insert 1/8" x 4" deep
CL-AC-ATS3075 Insert 3/16" x 4" deep
CL-AC-ATS3076 Insert 1/4" x 4" deep
CL-AC-ATS3077 Insert 5/16" x 4" deep

Insert 3/8" x 4" deep


Carrying case


Inserts may be ordered on the Inserts for Thermcal130 Temperature Calibrator webpage.


 Datasheets and Operating Manuals

ThermCal130 Datasheet

ThermCal130 Operating Instructions




TEMPERATURE RANGE: -25°C (-4°F) to 130°C (266°F)

ACCURACY: +/-0.4°C/+/-0.7°F

STABILITY: > +/-0.05°C/+/-0.09°F

HEAT UP TIME -20 to 130C: 8 minutes

HEAT UP TIME 20 to 100C: 3 minutes

COOL DOWN TIME 20 to -20C: 9 minutes

COOL DOWN TIME 130 to 20C: 4 minutes

PROBE WELL DEPTH & INSERT DIAMETER: 4" depth by 1/2" diameter


OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 10.2" H x 9" W x 8" L


WARRANTY: 2 years