ATR444 Dual Loop/Dual Input PID Temperture and Process Controller with

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ATR444  Dual Loop/Dual Input PID Temperture and Process Controller with Graphical Display
ATR444  Front View
ATR444 Front View
ATR444  Rear View
ATR444 Rear View
ATR444  Side View
ATR444 Side View
ATR444  Bottom View
ATR444 Bottom View

ATR444 Dual Loop/Dual Input PID Temperture and Process Controller with Graphical Display

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UL Recognized Component Marks for Canada and the United States

  • Dual Input/Dual Loop
  • Universal Analog Inputs-Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermistors, Volts, Milliamp, Potentiometer
  • Graphical Display
  • Ramp and Soak
  • Auto Tune PID
  • Remote Setpoint
  • Multiple Outputs - 4 Relays, 2 SSR Pulse + 4 Digital, 2 Analog Outputs
  • Four Digital Inputs
  • Serial Communication - Modbus RS485
  • Programmable by the Keyboard, USB or Android App

The ATR444 is a dual input PID Controller.  The wide alphanumeric display allows optimal visibility and clarity in all industrial environments, not only for process and alarm variables but also for scrolling textual status or event messages, as well as online help messages.
It's feature set includes two universal analog inputs with the ability to set mathematical operations, a wide combination of digital and analog outputs, open-close functionality for motorized valves, multiple alarm and diagnostic modes, and Timer functions.  The ATR444 supports advanced applications that traditionally might require programmable logic.

Dual Universal Analog Inputs /Dual Loop Control
The ATR444 can accept inputs from most process sensors.  It has two analog inputs which can be programmed for the following input types:

  • Thermocouples - K, S, R, J, T, N, B
  • RTDs -PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100,
  • Thermistor - PTC1K, NTC10K (ß 3435K)
  • Process Signals - 0-10 Vdc, 0/4-20mA, 0-60 mVdc
  • Potentiometer - 1-150 KΩ

Each analog input can be set as a independent control loop or mathematical operations can be performed between the two analog input values in which the  result may be displayed or used to trigger an output.  Mathematical operations supported are:

  • Arithmetic average of the input values
  • Difference of the values read on inputs
  • Module of the difference of the input values
  • Sum of the input values
  • Greater value of the two inputs
  • Lower value of the two inputs

Dual Action Heating-Cooling
The controller can be programmed for heating on one output and cooling on a different output at the same time.

Ramp and Soak Profile
The ATR44 supports a twelve step ramp and soak profile.

Remote Setpoint
The setpoint of the ATR444 can be adjusted remotely by either the RS485 communications or by analog input.  When using the analog input to adjust the setpoint, one of the two analog inputs will be used for this function.

Autotune PID, Manual Tune PID or On/Off Control
The ATR444 offers a variety of control options.   It may be set for full PID control or for the simpler on/off control  If PID control is selected the user can set the controller to tune itself to the process or for more user control you can manually tune the controller.

Multiple Outputs
The ATR444 is available with several output options.  The ATR444-24ABC-T which is the standard model has four 5A relay outputs, 4 pulse outputs used for driving solid state relays and two analog outputs which may be set to 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc.

Digital Inputs
The ATR444 is available with several digital input options.  The ATR444-24ABC-T which is the standard model has four digital inputs.  These inputs may be used for the following actions:

Valve Feedback Potentiometer
One of the two analog inputs may be configured for reading of a feedback potentiometer for motorized valves

Analog Output Retransmission
If not used as a control or alarm output, the analog output can be used to retransmit the process value, the setpoint or the current
read by the current transformer.

Heater Break Alarm by Current Transformer(CT) Input
A CT input allows the controller to measure load current in case of a power malfunction.

Timer functions
The controller includes two timers that can be independent, sequential or looped together.  The alarm outputs can be associated with the timers such that:

  • Alarm is active during timer counting
  • Alarm is active at the end of the timer period
  • Alarm active before the end of the timer period

Serial Communication
ATR444 is equipped with RS485 and can receive/broadcast data via serial communication using MODBUS RTU protocol. The device can only be configured as a Slave. This function enables the control of multiple controllers connected to a supervisory system/SCADA.

Software Configuration
The ATR444 may be configured from the front key panel or by software using a USB connection and the free downloadable Windows software LabSoftview.  It may also be programmed using NFC with an Android device and the Goolge Play app MyPixsys.

Universal Power Supply
The ATR444 can operate over a wide range of power from 24 to 230 Vac/Vdc

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ATR444-24ABC-TIn Stock ATR444 controller with 2 analog inputs, 4 relay outputs, 2 SSR  pulse outputs,  4 digital Inputs,  2 analog outputs,  1 CT input,  RS485


ATR444 Data Sheet

ATR444 User Manual

 ATR444 3D Model



Analog Inputs
Number: 2
Input Types
  Thermocouples type K, S, R, J, T, E, N, B
  RTDs: PT100, PT500, PT1000,Ni100
  Thermistors: PTC1K, NTC10K (ß 3435K)
  Voltages: 0-60mV, 0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V
  Current: 0-20mA, 4-20mA
  Potentiometer Input: 1-150 KOhms
  CT (Current transformer): 50 mA
Resolution:16 bit
Sample Rate: Programmable up to 2.1 ms (up to 470 Hz)
  0-10 V: Ri>110 KΩ
  0-20 mA: Ri<5Ω
  0-40 mV: Ri>1 MΩ

Digital Inputs
  Number: 4 PNP inputs
  Functions:  Setpoint change, Hold, Run, Tuning launch, Start/Stop, Lock configuration

Current Transformer Input: One 50mA

Relays: Four(2SPDT, 2SPST) 5A @ 250 Vac resistive
SSR Pulse: Two 12/24 Vdc - 25 mA max
Analog: Two(Voltage or mA)

Serial Communication: RS485 Modbus RTU - Slave (4800-115200 baud)

Enclosure: 48 x 96 (front panel) x 69 mm
Power Supply: 24-230 Vac/Vdc ±15% 50/60 Hz - galvanic isolation 2.5KV
Power Consumption: 12W
Display: 4 digits 0.5" white,  5 digits 0.3" red
Operating Conditions: Temperature 0-45 °C, humidity 35-95 RH%
Box Material and Front Panel: PC UL94V2 self-extinguishing
Weight: Approx. 245 g
Protection Rating: IP65 (front panel) IP20 (box and terminal blocks)