GS1 Leaf Temperature and Wetness Sensor with IoT Cloud Support

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GS1 Leaf Temperature and Wetness Sensor with IoT Cloud Support

GS1 Leaf Temperature and Wetness Sensor with IoT Cloud Support

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  • Accurately Measures Leaf Temperature and Wetness
  • Humidity Range: 0-100%RH
  • Humidity Accuracy:  ±3% (@0-50%, 25°C)
  • Temperature Range: -40~80°C
  • Temperature Accuracy:   ±0.5°C (@25°C)
  • 300,000 Stored Measurements
  • WiFi, Mobile Cellular and Ethernet Communications Options
  • Cloud Platform Provides Data Storage, Data Display and Alerts
  • Powered Via Battery or External Power Supply
  • IP65 Waterproof (model dependent)

The GS1 Leaf Temperature and Wetness data logger solution bundle is a bundle built around the GS1 data logger with the necessary accessories for monitoring Leaf Temperature and Wetness for agricultural applications. The bundle of parts which may be ordered under one convenient part number includes our flexible GS1 data logger, leaf temperature and wetness sensor, and power adapter.

Measurement of Leaf Temperature and Humidity Plus More
The GS1 Leaf Temperature and Wetness data logger bundle includes a unique leaf-shaped sensor that can detect small droplets of water. The sensor has a humidity range between 0-100%RH with an accuracy of ±3% (@0-50%, 25°C). It has a temperature range of -40~80°C with an accuracy of ±0.5°C (@25°C). This sensor is designed specifically for agricultural applications.

WiFi, Mobile and Ethernet Data Connectivity for Remote Access Anywhere in the World
The GS1 device is available with WiFi, Ethernet or 4G cellular mobile connectivity. It can upload and store your data securely on the UbiBot IoT cloud platform. No matter where you are, you can view the sensor readings anytime using our free mobile app or with any browser enabled device.

Industrial IP65 Water Resistant/Weather Tight Enclosure
All models except the GS1-AETH1RS feature an IP65 enclosure. IP65 is dust tight weather tight making it suitable for most outdoor applications. Since the GS1-AETH1RS has an RJ45 Ethernet connector it is the only version which does not have the IP65 rating.

A Free Full Featured Cloud-based Platform For Monitoring, Logging and Alerts
The GS1 transfers its data to the IoT cloud platform. The cloud platform provides data storage as well as visual display of the data in a variety of formats. The cloud platform also supports alert notifications. If any of the measured parameters go out of user set alarm limits, Email, SMS, App and even voice alerts may be sent. The basic cloud platform is free and contains a feature set sufficient for most applications. For demanding applications requiring storage of large amounts of data or other advanced features there may be an additional fee.

Powered by Battery or External Power Source
The GS1 contains a 2900 mAh lithium battery. Combined with low-power technology, the device has longer standby time for uninterrupted monitoring. It can operate completely from battery power or from the included external power source with the batteries acting as a power back up in case of power failure.

A Free App For Android and iOS
A free app compatible with most mobile devices is also available. With the free UbiBot App you can

  • Configure Your Devices
  • View Data from All Devices
  • Receive Alerts on Your Phone or Mobile Device
  • Manage Your Devices
  • View Shared Alerts

Three Available Bundles
We have created three different bundles featuring the following GS1 Devices

  1. GS1A-A1RS-S - WiFi Connectivity
  2. GS1-AETH1RS - Ethernet and WiFi Connectivity
  3. GS1-AL4G1RS - WiFi and 4G Cellular Mobile Connectivity


To Order the model below scroll to the top of the page then click on ADD TO CART button
GS1A-A1RS-LEAF-BND Leaf Temperature and Wetness Data Logger with WiFi Communications
GS1-AETH1RS-LEAF-BND Leaf Temperature and Wetness Data Logger with Ethernet and WiFi Communications
GS1-AL4G1RS-LEAF-BND Leaf Temperature and Wetness Data Logger with 4G Cellular and WiFi Communications
GS1-PL4G1RS-LEAF-BND Leaf Temperature and Wetness Data Logger with 4G Cellular and WiFi Communications w/ GPS tracking


Leaf Temperature and Wetness Sensor
Power supply:
DC 4.5-30V
Humidity: Range: 0-100%RH, Resolution: 0.1%RH,
Accuracy: ±3% (@0-50%, 25°C)
Temperature: Range: -40~80°C, Resolution: 0.1°C,
Accuracy: ±0.5°C (@25°C)
Protection grade (IP Rating): IP67
Dimension: 65*15*138.5mm
Output signal: RS485 (Modbus protocol)

    GS1 Specifications
    Temperature Range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
    Humidity Range: 10% to 90%RH
    Temperature: ±0.3°C
    Humidity Accuracy: ±3% RH
    Ambient Light: ±2%
    Screen: 4 in. LCD with backlit
    Power Source: Built-in lithium battery can be powered/charged by Type-C USB or DC (5V-12V) charger. Optional POE splitter available for GS1-AETH1RS.
    Battery Life: 4-6 months (WiFi only), 3-6 weeks (sync via mobile cellular), 3-5 days (Ethernet).
    On-board Memory: 300,000 sensing records
    Network: Supports WiFi, GPRS / 3G / 4G
    WiFi Channel: Supports 20MHz or "Auto" setting
    WiFi Security: Supports OPEN, WEP, or WPA/WPA2 types, WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x/RADIUS authentication) network is not supported.
    WiFi: Requires 2.4GHz (802.11 b/g/n), channels 1-13 network (5GHz WiFi is NOT supported)
    Mobile Network (model dependent): LTE-FDD: B1 / B3 / B5 / B8 ; LTE-TDD: B34 / B38 / B39 / B40 / B41 ; WCDMA: B1 / B5 / B8 ; GSM: 900 / 1800MHz
    Ethernet: GS1-AETH1RS only supports Ethernet switch with 100 Mbps or lower. Gigabit switching hub with auto-negotiation is also compatible.
    Dimensions: 5.98" x 3.54" x 2.16"
    Weight: 436g ± 3g
    Enclosure: IP65 - water resistant/weather tight Enclosure suitable for outdoor use. (models GS1-A and GS1-AL4G1RS). Because of Ethernet cable GS1-AETH1RS is not IP65 rated.
    Device Setting: Supports minimum device sync interval (upload) is 1 minute, and minimum sensing interval is 1 minute (Temperature, Humidity, Light, External Probe and Battery Voltage)
    Alert Types: Supports APP push notifications, email, SMS text and phone call alerts. Alerts can be set on numeric-based sensor readings and network status (e.g. when connection is lost or batteries are low). All alerts are sent from the UbiBot Cloud.