iSurTemp-RTD Surface RTD Temperature Sensor

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iSurTemp-RTD Surface RTD Temperature Sensor
iSurTemp-RTD Surface RTD Temperature Sensor
iSurTemp-RTD Surface RTD Temperature Sensor

iSurTemp-RTD Surface RTD Temperature Sensor

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  • Suitable for Wet or Condensing Environments
  • Flexible, Tough and Durable
  • Fast Response
  • Excellent Performance on Small Radius Contour & Tube Surface
  • Long Term Stability
  • Fully Sealed
  • Strain Isolated
  • -200°C to 200°C Temperature Range

iSurTEMP RTD is a low cost, flexible, sealed platinum RTD. The thin film element sensor is sealed and isolated from the environment for stability. It’s extremely small and thin design allows this flexible package to easily conform on complex surfaces and provide fast and response. Moisture resistance to condensation and shallow immersion in liquids is accomplished by a special Polyamide film that completely encapsulates the assembly and lead entrance. The standard operating range is -200°C to 200°C.

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iSUR-RTD1-4-1In Stock iSurTemp-RTD Surface RTD Temperature Sensor


iSurTemp-RTD Data Sheet


Element Calibration: Pt 100
Temperature Range: -200°C to 250°C
Resistance (@ 0°C): 100Ω
Alpha: 0.00385 ohms/ohms
Encapsulation Material: Refractory Passive Moisture Repellant Polyamide Film
Accuracy: Class B Accuracy(±0.3°C tolerance @ 0°).
Insulation Resistance: Greater than 5 Megohms minimum @50V DC at 25°C
Excitation current: 0.3mA recommended. 1 mA MAX
Lead Wire: 4 wire flexible  leads, silver plated stranded copper conductors equivalent to 28 Gauge conductor, individually Teflon insulated.
Standard Length of Extension Leads: 1000 mm. Longer Lead Lengths Possible
Size of RTD Element: 2mm(L) X 2.5mm(W) X 1.5mm(H) - MINIMUM
Size of the Encapsulation Film: 25mm X 35mm (MAX) to 10mm X 20mm
iSurTemp-RTD Surface RTD Sensor