LogBox-DA - Data Logger with One Analog and One Digtial Input Channels

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LogBox-DA - Data Logger with One Analog and One Digtial Input Channels

LogBox-DA - Data Logger with One Analog and One Digtial Input Channels

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  • Two Input Channels: One Accepts  NPN, PNP, Pulse or Dry Contact the other Accepts 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-50 mV and 0-10 Vdc
  • Easily Programmed via a Handy Infrared IRLink3 Interface Connected to a USB Port under Windows® Software
  • IP65(Dust Tight)/ IP67 (Water Tight) Enclosures
  • Launch Options: Immediate, Programmed Time and Date
  • Stop Options: When Full, at a Certain Time, After a Number of Readings, or Wrap Around (Overwrites First Readings)
  • Memory for 32,000 Recordings in One Channel or 16,000 Recordings for each Channel
  • Infrared Communication Up to 1 Meter Away
  • Recording Interval: Programmable From 1 Sec to 18 Hours
  • Built in Real Time Clock
  • Internal Replaceable Lithium Cell (3.6V 1/2 AA)
  • Estimated Battery Life: 200 Days with One Weekly Download and 5 Minutes Measuring Interval. Battery Life Depends Heavily on Data Retrieval Frequency.

LogBox-DA is an electronic data logger with two input channels, one analog and one digital. Input data is stored in the logger internal memory for later download to a PC for visualization and analysis in the form of tables or graphs. The data is easily exported to spreadsheets.

Dual Input Channels
The LogBoxA features two input channels, one analog (0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-50 mV and 0-10 Vdc) and one digital (NPN, PNP, Pulse and Dry Contact).

Configuration and Visualization Software
The LogChart-II is the software used to configure the logger, download and visualize data. The logger configuration allows defining the logger operation mode, including programming the start/stop time of data acquisition. Other parameters such as signal input type, logging interval, etc, are easily selected through the LogChart-II software.

Power Saving
The LogBox-DA provides a signal for commanding an external power supply (battery) of a device connected to the logger. This feature allows that external devices, such as a transmitter, be powered only during the measurement sample time, thus extending the autonomy of these external batteries.

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IRLink3  USB Infrared Interface for Data Logger to LogChart Software


LogBox-DA Datasheet
LogBox-DA User Manual



Input Channel 1:
NPN, PNP, Pulse or Dry Contact
Level 0: 0.0 up to 1.0 Volts
Level 1: 2.0 up to 24.0 Volts
Max. frequency: 4000 Hz for NPN, PNP and Pulse 20 Hz for dry-contact (internal De-bounce)

Input Impedance:
NPN, PNP and Pulse: 105 kΩ
Dry contact: Capacitance of 100 nF
Maximum counting: 65535 per period.

Input Channel 2:
0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-50 mV and 0-10 Vdc, internally selectable
Input 2 resolution: 14 bits or 16.384 levels
Input 2 accuracy: 0.2% of range input signal

Input Impedance:
0-20 mA and 4-20 mA: 120 Ω
0-50 mV: >>10 MΩ
0-10 Vdc: >120 kΩ

Memory capacity: 64000 (64k)

Interval between readings: minimum - 1 second, maximum - 18 hours

External battery switch time: 0 to 10 s

Power: 3.6 V lithium battery (1/2 AA)

Estimated autonomy: 200 days with one weekly download and 5 minutes measuring interval. Battery life depends heavily on data retrieval frequency.

Working temperature: From –40°C to 70°C

Protection: IP65 and IP67 models (see lateral label on product)

Material: ABC + PC case, Polycarbonate film

Dimensions: 60 x 70 x 35 mm