N1500FT Flow Rate & Totalizer Panel Meter

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N1500FT Flow Rate & Totalizer Panel Meter
N1500FT Flow Rate & Totalizer Panel Meter

N1500FT Flow Rate & Totalizer Panel Meter

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  • 4-20mA Analog Input and Pulse Input
  • Indicates the Instantaneous Flow Rate and the Totalized Flow Rate
  • Allows Clear View Even at a Distance
  • Compatible With Most Flow Sensors
  • Provides 30 Linearization Points for Non-standard Sensors
  • Analog and Pulse Output for Retransmission of Measured Values
  • Two or Four Alarm Outputs
  • Models Powered by Vac or Vdc
  • 24Vdc Sensor Excitation (Vac Powered Models Only)
  • Optional Modbus RS485
  • Free Downloadable Software

The N1500FT indicator is the ideal device to monitor flow in water and other liquid distribution systems.

Quick and easy to set up via the front keypad, the N1500-FT indicator is compatible with most flow sensor signals including PNP, NPN, dry contact and magnetic pickup. In addition, it has a secondary 4-20mA input and allows simultaneous display of flow and pressure. The N1500FT indicator has a keyboard programmable scale, configurable decimal point, 24Vdc power supply for the flow sensor, a  very easy to read display, a switching power supply and up to 4 alarm relays, retransmission of the measured variable in pulse mode and 4 to 20mA and RS485 digital communication with Modbus protocol.

Both Analog and Pulse Inputs
The N1500FT allows for two basic input types:

  • Instantaneous flow input through a 4-20mA signal. In this case,  flow totalization is obtained by integrating instantaneous flow rate. When the 4-20mA input is not used as flow input, it may be used alternatively as auxiliary input. This way it is possible to measure the pressure of a pipeline in addition to the flow for instance.
  • Totalized or instantaneous flow input through a pulse signal. Pulse signals may come from sensors or transmitters with NPN, PNP, dry contact or even magnetic pickup outputs.
Programmable Scale Factors
Both the 4-20mA as well as the pulse input signal a from flow meter may have a scale factor applied to them to the display the flow in engineering units.

Customized Linearization
The N1500FT may be used with flow meters with non-linear 4-20mA output signals.  When the flow rate is read through a 4-20mA input, it is possible to apply a customized linearization composed of 30 input points and 30 output points.

Retransmission of the Measurement Value
The N1500FT has a 4-20mA analog output and NPN pulse output that may be used to retransmit the measured values. The fully scaleable 4-20mA output may be used to retransmit the instantaneous flow rate. The pulse output can be used to retransmit the measured value as a volumetric pulse output or  frequency pulse output. The volumetric pulse output may be used regardless of the type of input, while the frequency pulse output is available only for pulse inputs

Alarm Outputs
The N1500FT is available with either two our four alarm relay outputs (model dependent). The alarms can be set for the following alarm types:
  • Open Sensor Alarm
  • Maximum Value  Alarm
  • Minimum Value Alarm
  • Feeder Function
The alarms can be programmed with a delay trigger, hysterisis and initial block action (the alarm won't trigger if an alarm condition is present on power up).

Feeder Feature
The feeder function is used to control the flow of the volume of liquid which typically used for storage applications. There is a start signal (via either keyboard button or digital input) which triggers a relay to begin the flow. A programmed value is used to deactivate the relay to stop the flow when the specified value is reached.

24Vdc Sensor Excitation
The N1500FT powered by AC power also provide a 24Vdc/50mA output that may be used for powering sensors.

Optional RS485 Modbus Communications
The N1500FT is optionally available with a RS485 serial communication for communicating with a computer or PLC.  The communication protocol is MODBUS RTU Protocol which is an industry standard protocol.  We also provide FieldChart Lite software, a supervisory and data acquisition software as a free download.

FieldChart Supervisory and Data Acquisition Software (Lite version available as a free download)
FieldChart is a software used for monitor and register data acquired from the N1500FT. It generates real time trends and data lists that can be exported in usable formats like a spread sheet. There are two versions available: FieldChart-Lite and FieldChart-64C. The FieldChart-Lite can read 8 simultaneous channels and it is available for free. FieldChart-64C is an optional purchase that can register up to 64 simultaneous channels.


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N1500FTIn Stock N1500FT Flow rate indicator with 2 relays,100 to 240Vac/Vdc power
N1500FT-24V N1500FT Flow rate indicator with 2 relay, 12 to 24Vdc/ 24Vac power
N1500FT-RS485In Stock N1500FT Flow rate indicator with 4 relays, RS485 communications, 100 to 240Vac/Vdc power
N1500FT-RS485-24VIn Stock N1500FT Flow rate indicator with 4 relays, RS485 communications, 12 to 24Vdc/ 24Vac power

N1500FT Data Sheet
N1500FT User Guide
N1500FT Modbus Communication Manual
N1500FT Dimensional Drawings
FieldChart Lite Software



N1500FT Flow Rate & Totalizer Panel Meter



Display: 7 segment LED, 6 digits 17mm high
Input Types: 4-20mA, Dry Contact, Magnetic Pickup, NPN and PNP

4-20mA Input
  Accuracy: ± 0.2% of span
  Input Impedance: 150Ω

Dry Contact Inputs
 Frequency: 0.1 to 10Hz

Pulse Input
  Type: NPN or PNP
  Frequency: 0.1 to 50000Hz
  Amplitude: from 4V to 24V
  Accuracy: ±30 ppm @25°C

Magnetic Pickup
  Frequency: 0.1 to 8000Hz @ 30mVpp, 0.1 to 50000Hz @250 mVpp
  Amplitude: from 30mVpp to 5Vpp
  Accuracy: ± 0.1% @25°C

4-20mA Output
  Max Load: 550Ω max.,
  Resolution: 10000 levels
  Isolation: 250Vrms

Pulse Output (NPN)
  Maximum Frequency: 100Hz
  Voltage: 0 to 30Vdc
  Maximum Current: 15mA
  Isolation: 250Vrms

Output Relays
  Alarm 1 & 2 (standard): SPDT: 3A/240Vac (3A/30Vdc resisitive)
  Alarm 3 & 4 (optional): SPST-NA: 1.5A/250Vac (3A/30 Vdc resisitive)

Dimensions: 48 x 96 x 92 mm (1/8 DIN)
Approximate Weight: 242 g
Panel Cutout: 45.5 x 93 mm (+0.5 -0.0 mm), 1/8 DIN

Power Supply
 Standard: 100 to 240Vac/Vdc (±10 %), 50/60 Hz
 Optional: 12 to 24Vdc/ 24Vac (-10 % / +20%)
 Maximum Consumption: 7.5 VA

Operation Temperature: 5 to 50°C
Relative Humidity: 80 % max. up to 30°C
Housing: IP20, ABS+PC UL94 V-0
Certifications: CE, UKCA and UL