Novus Cloud IOT Platform

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Novus Cloud IOT Platform
Novus Cloud IOT Platform
Novus Cloud IOT Platform
Novus Cloud IOT Platform
Novus Cloud IOT Platform
Novus Cloud IOT Platform

Novus Cloud IOT Platform

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  • One Default Dashboard for each Registered Device. User-customizable Dashboards (depends on the cloud service plan)
  • Alarms with Configuration of Activation and Deactivation Conditions. Alarms Generates Notification to the Registered Contacts
  • Email Notifications
  • Widgets: Gauge, Card, Chart, Display, Map, Tile, Pie, Report
  • User Management: 2 User Profiles - Managers and Viewers
  • Data Export: Export Data on Demand, by Selecting the Device, Variables and Desired Period
  • Integration with Other Systems or Cloud:  Data Access via API through Device Token

NOVUS Cloud is an IoT platform solution for monitoring devices that expands the horizon of process data visualization. Ready-to-use with NOVUS smart IoT devices, NOVUS Cloud is especially beneficial for customers with low IT infrastructure segments or in verticals such as logistics, healthcare, building management, power, water waste management and agriculture. It also meets monitoring needs of customers who require unified data from multiple devices at multiple locations. NOVUS Cloud can receive measurements of any kind from the IoT devices, store them in the cloud database and present the data in elegant dashboards. NOVUS Cloud can be configured and activated easily and quickly by a lay user, without any programming experience, due to its intuitive way of use. Properly tuned, the monitoring process allows the management by exception with NOVUS Cloud. Features such as E-mail can be used to generate notifications in the detection of process alarms or alerts, providing online awareness about deviations to the operation or management staff. Hosted on cloud server, NOVUS Cloud is accessible worldwide on the internet from any computer or mobile device. With encrypted authentication, the access to the customer data is totally secure for the login owner, providing the required level of data protection for the operation.

Compatible Devices: FieldLogger (with Ethernet option), LogBox Wi-Fi, LogBox 3G

To Order a Novus Cloud Annual Subscription Plan

To sign up for the free starter plan visit visit

To purchase a one year subscription to for BASIC or ADVANCED plan select the plan at the top of the this page and check out.  Once the order is received and processed a code will be emailed to you to activate your plan.


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