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O2TRACER Series 4-20 mA Powered 2 Wire Oxygen Transmitter

O2TRACER Series 4-20 mA Powered 2 Wire Oxygen Transmitter

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  • Compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Accuracy: +/- 8% FSD (@constant temp)
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • Reverse Voltage Protection & Temperature Compensation
  • Applications: Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen Generators, Gas Mfgs, Filling Stations

The O2Tracer series allows the measurement of Oxygen concentrations in gas by providing a to a 4-20mA output signal which is proportional to the concentration of Oxygen. The O2Tracer is simple to use, accurate and very economical when measuring oxygen at % levels. Units are calibrated to one specific range: 0-10%, 0-25% and 0-100%.

The O2Tracer uses a special fuel cell to measure the oxygen concentration. The sensor meets the industrial requirements for accuracy, sensitivity, easy to use and operating life.

The calibration of the instrument for trace oxygen measurements in gas should be done with a calibration gas. The concentration can be chosen freely within the measuring range. In the % range the unit can be calibrated with air.

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OX-RO-O2T-1 0-10%
OX-RO-O2T-2 0-25%
OX-RO-O2T-3 0-100%


O2TRACER Data Sheet



Measuring Ranges Offered: 0-5%, 0-25%, 0-100% Oxygen
Accuracy: +/-8% FSD T = Const.
Response Time: 90% FSD@ 25°C, 0-100% <10 S
Operating Temperature: 0-50°C
Pressure: 0.1-1 Bar
Signal Output: 4-20 mA/dc
Voltage: 1-35 Vdc, reverse voltage protection up to 40 Vdc
Load: Typ. 1000 Ohm Max At 28 Vdc,max 250 ohms @ 10 Vdc
Oxygen Sensor: micro-fuel cell
Housing: IP65
Size: 3.13 X 3 X 2.17 mm
Weight: 0.6 lb
Connection: 1/4" tubing