541 Frequency Process Calibrator w/Totalizer Function

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PIE 541 Frequency Process Calibrator with Totalizer Function
PIE 541 Frequency Process Calibrator with Totalizer Function

541 Frequency Process Calibrator w/Totalizer Function

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  • Frequency Read & Source Functions, Accuracy +/- 0.005% of Range
  • Calibrate Totalizers, Output Pulses from 1 to 100 Minutes
  • Gate Trigger Indicator, LED Flashes in Synch w/Output Frequency
  • Full 5 Digit Display, True +/-0.005% of Range Accuracy
  • EZ_Dial Knob, Push the Knob for Easy Change of Speed of Test Point
  • EZ-Check Switch for Stop Watch Style Accurate Totalizer Measurements
  • 240 VAC Tolerant for Fuse-less Protection From Misuse
  • Superior Battery Life of 45 Hrs Under Typical Usage
  • Comes with Manual, NIST Certficate, Carrying Case, CE Approved

The 541 is designed for calibration, testing and diagnosing turbine meters, frequency counters, vibration systems, tachometers, vortex shedders, integrators and any frequency device. Save hours of time compared to other calibration methods. When calibrating a totalizer, the 541 eliminates the need of a stop watch. Set the number of pulses and number of minutes required and it automatically stops when the selected number of pulses has been sent to the totalizer. The 541 has a handy LED indicator showing gate time for easy trigger level adjustment. The LED also pulses with the frequency output for calibration of optical pickups.

The 541 has 5 ranges from 1 CPH to 20.000KHz for source and read. Totalizer inputs/outputs are from 1 to 99999 pulses in 1.0 to 100 minutes, and read a wide range of frequencies and wave forms from 50 mV to 120V. The 541 can source sine and square waves with zero based or zero crossing and has an adjustable output amplitude from 100 mV to 12 V peak-to-peak.

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CL-PI-541 PIE 541 Frequency Process Calibrator w/Totalizer Function


  Datasheets and Operating Instructions

PIECAL  541  Frequency  Calibrator  Datasheet

PIECAL 541 Frequency Calibrator Operating Instructions




Frequency range, 1 CPH to 20.000Khz

Accuracy, +/- 0.005% of range

Temperature effect, < 10ppm/C of range


1, 1  CPH< CPH range < 20000 CPH

2, 0.1 CPM (0.0167Hz) < CPM range < 2000.0 CPM (33.33Hz)

3, 0.01Hz < Hz < 200.00Hz

4, 0.1Hz < Hz range < 2000.0Hz

5, 0.001KHz < KHz < 20.000KHz

6, totalizer inputs/outputs from 1 to 99999 counts in 0.1 mins to 100.0 mins


Read, x1 attenuation range: 0.1Vpk to 12Vpk, x10 attenuation range: 1 Vpk to 120V peak - limit of attneuation is 120Vpk

Input impedance, > 1 Meg Ohm + 100pF

Adjustable signal attenuation, adjustable trigger level wit X1 and x10 attenuation ranges

Battery life, 24 hrs typical

Fuse-less protection, 240Vrms


Output current, > 6mApp at 12Vpp output, 20KHz

Output impedance, < 25Ohms

Square wave: zero crossing, zero based: selectable

Square wave: rise/fall time: < 0.0001% of output Vpk per second

Square wave: frequency jitter: < 0.5LSB of frequency range

Square range: duty cycle: 50% +/- 2%

Sine wave: offset and zero crossing symmetry: <+/- 10% of Vpk output amplitude setting

Sine wave: amplitude adjustment: 100mV < nominal output < 12Vpp +/-% of setting