PyroSigma Miniature Pyrometer with Built-In Display

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PyroSigma Miniature Pyrometer with Built-In Display
PyroSigma Miniature Pyrometer with Built-In Display

PyroSigma Miniature Pyrometer with Built-In Display

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  • Industrial Infrared Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature Range 0°C to 1000°C
  • Built-in OLED Temperature Display
  • Fully Configurable via Push-button Controls
  • Voltage and Alarm Outputs
  • Precision Optics with Narrow Viewing Angle
  • Fast 125ms Response with High Stability
  • Rugged Aluminium and Abs Housing
  • Extremely Small Size
  • Low Cost and High Performance

The PyroSigma is a fixed-mount sensor for measuring the temperature of a surface without contact. Its extremely small size makes it ideal for installation where space is restricted. The sensor works by detecting infrared energy that is emitted by the target object. The temperature is shown on the sensor’s built-in OLED display, and can be monitored continuously via the DC voltage output. The sensor also has a configurable alarm output.

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IR-CA-PS151 PyroSigma Miniature Pyrometer with Built-In Display



User Manual

Spec. Sheet


Temperature Range: 0 to 1000°C
Temperature Output: Voltage: 0-5 V DC or 0-10 V DC output, linear with measured temperature, rescalable
Alarm Output: Open collector alarm output with temperature threshold and hysteresis, configurable  (Alarm and temperature outputs may be used simultaneously)
Field of View: 15:1 (see Field of View Diagram)
Accuracy: ± 1.5% of reading or ± 1.5°C, whichever is greater
Repeatability: ± 0.5% of reading or ± 0.5°C, whichever is greater
Response Time: 125 ms (90% response)
Cable Length: 1m standard (Contact IOThrifty for other lengths)

Configuration (Via built-in display and controls )
Emissivity Setting: Adjustable 0.2 to 1.0
Max Temperature Span (Voltage Output): 1000°C
Min Temperature Span (Voltage Output): 100°C
Spectral Range: 8-14 μm
Max. Supply Voltage: 28 V DC
Min. Supply Voltage (at Sensor): 12 V DC (for 10 V output), 6 V DC (for 5 V output)
Max Current Draw: 6 mA

Configurable Parameters
Temperature range for voltage output
Output voltage range and scale
Alarm output threshold and hysteresis
Emissivity setting, reflected temperature, signal processing (see below),
Temperature Units °C / °F
Signal Processing -Averaging Period (0.125 to 60 seconds), Peak / Valley hold mode, Hold Period (0.125 to 120 seconds)

Field of View

PyroSigma Field of View