RDP19 Paperless Recorder
RDP19 Paperless Recorder
RDP19 Trend Display
RDP19 Trend Display
RDP19 Tabular Data Display
RDP19 Tabular Data Display
RDP19 Ultra Slim Profile Display
RDP19 Ultra Slim Profile Display
RDP19 Rearview
RDP19 Rearview

RDP19 Paperless Recorder, Data Logger, Panel Meter, Industial Controller

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  • Four Instruments in One: Paperless Recorder, Data Logger, Panel Meter and Industrial Controller
  • 6 Thermocouple/mV Inputs
  • Trend and Tabular Display
  • Data Logging to Excel Compatible Format
  • 2 Alarm Relays
  • View and Log Real Time and Historical Alarm Data
  • RS232/RS485 Communications
  • Easy to Use Touch Screen Display
  • Ultra-Thin 38mm
  • Panel Mount Or Use with Optional Bench-top Stand
  • Password Lockout for Configuration Menus

The RDP19 is a paperless recorder, data logger, multi-channel panel meter and industrial controller all in one instrument. The RDP19s large 9-inch touch screen display provides access to features typically found in instruments many times its price. The recorders ultra slim 38mm profile allows it to be mounted in panel and cabinets where space is limited. It can also be used with the optional bench stand for bench top or desktop use.

Large 9 Inch Touch Screen Display with Easy to Use Menu Navigation
The large 9-inch touch screen display provides a clear view of the data from any of the different data views. In the Panel meter mode, each of the six channels is displayed on the screen in a separate meter large enough to read even from a distance. It is also easy to read when viewing the data as trend curves or tabular data.

The menu navigation is simple and intuitive. Although a detailed user manual is provided most of the recorder functionality is so intuitive it can be used without the manual or any training.

A Hardware Architecture Designed for an Industrial Environment
Independent processing for the graphic interface and data logging allows data to be collected in true real time without interference from the man-machine interface operations. This is important for logging and control functions for industrial or critical applications. Independent processing is accomplished while maintaining low power consumption.

Virtual and External Alarms
The RDP19 has a host of lAM features. In the panel meter view, a visual indication of the alarm is shown on the screen when an alarm is generated. You can also enter the alarm view mode to see either the real time alarm data or historical alarm data.  The historical alarm data may also be exported to a USB flash drive in an Excel compatible format. The RDP19 also includes two 2A SPDT relays that may be connected to external alarm annunciators or control elements.

Rich Data Logging
The recorder can log both historical data and alarm events. The RDP19 has 150M of storage space. The stored data can be played back on the recorder as a trend curve and/or table format. The data may also be exported to a PC in an Excel compatible format through the USB port to a USB flash drive

Modular Design Allows Flexible Input and Output Configuration
Employing a modular design, the I/O configuration of the RDP19 can be set to meet the user’s exact requirements. Input modules are available for thermocouples, RTDs, Voltage and 4-20mA signals. There are also a variety of different output modules.  Although we are currently only showing one basic configuration, with six thermocouple/mV inputs and two relay outputs on the IOThrifty website, contact IOThrifty to discuss the other I/O options.


Display size: 9 inches
Dimensions: 231 W × 170 H × 38 D
Cutout size: 221 W × 160 H mm

Color: TFT true color
Resolution: 800 × 480
Backlight: long-life LED
Input Method: Touch
Touch Screen: four-wire resistive

Recording interval: 1 to 300 seconds in 1 second intervals
Memory capacity: 150MB.

Number: 6
Type: Selectable for Thermocouple: K, S, R, E, J, T, B, N, WRe5-WRe26
Linear Millivolt: 0-20mV, 0-100mV, 0- 1V
(other input types are available, please contact IOThrifty for details)
Accuracy: ± 0.2% FS ± 1 digit
Note 1: When using the thermocouple inputs add 1 plus 1 ° for cold junction compensation
Note 2: For B thermocouple accuracy only applies over range of 60-600°C.
Response time: ≤1.5 seconds (with digital filter set to 0 or 1)
Temperature drift: ≤0.01% FS / °C (typical value 50ppm / °C)
Temperature Measurement Range:
K (-50 to 1300 °C), S (-50 to 1700 °C), R (-50 to 1700 °C), T (-200 to 350 °C), E (0 to 800 °C),
J (0 to 1000 °C), B (+200 to 1800 °C), N (0 to 1300 °C), WRe3~WRe25 (0 to 2300 °C),
WRe5~WRe26 (0 to 2300 °C)
Temperature Units: °C

Two SPDT relay contact output 250VAC / 2A

Interface Type: RS232, RS485
Serial communication baud rate: 1200bps - 19200bps
Protocol: Modbus

Power: 100~240VAC, -15%, + 10% / 50-60hZ
Power: ≤5W
Environment: Temperature: -10 °C~+ 60 °C; Humidity: ≤ 90% RH
Storage temperature: -20 °C~+ 80 °C
Weight: 0.7KG (1.5lbs)
Cooling: Natural air flow