SM812EC RTD Transmitter with Fixed Ranges

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SM812EC RTD Transmitter with Fixed Ranges

SM812EC RTD Transmitter with Fixed Ranges

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  • 4-20 mA Output
  • Low Cost, 100 Ohm Pt, alpha = 0.00385
  • RTD or Potentiometer
  • Thermo-Head Installation
  • Non-Isolated
  • 0.1% Accuracy
  • Class 3-C RFI Immunity
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Low 8.5 VDC Drop
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Conversion of RTD signals is accomplished using SM812EC series signal transmitters. Surface mount technology provides a slim profile allowing the series to mount directly within mininature thermal connection heads. The series accommodates Pt 100 Ohm RTDs and provides a 4-20 mA output current proportional to the detected temperature.

SM812EC series is available in -40 to 120F and 0 to 200F precalibrated temperature ranges. The span and zero potentiometers  provide span and zero adjustments of +/- 25% of the normal range.

 To Order the models below scroll to the top of the page and choose the desired model from the "Temperature Range" drop down menu, then ADD TO CART
TX-DE-SM812EC-0011 RTD Transmitter Temp Range -40 to 120F
TX-DE-SM812EC-0012 RTD Transmitter Temp Range 0 to 200F




+/- 0.1% span, includes effects of linearity, hysterisis, and repeatability referred to temperature input


0.1% relative to a  100 Ohm Pt RTD, alpha = 0.00385 standard curve for nominal range. 4:1 minimum improvement on nonlinearity otherwise


1) Zero Shift of +/- 0.02% /Span/F

2) Span Shift of +/- 0.02% /Span/F

CIRCUITRY: epoxy encapsulated, analog circuitry w/sealed potentiometers

POWER SUPPLY: working voltage of 8.5-35 VDC, supply voltage effect <+/- 0.001% /Span/Volt


1) loop resistance load effect <+/-0.002% Span/300 Ohms

2) maximum loop resistance (V supply -8.5V)/20 mA

RFI IMMUNITY: rated class 3-C: 0.25% of span per SAMA PMC 33.1-1987-2abc

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: output -3dB @ 3db @ 3Hz input

TEMPERATURE RANGE: ambient -13 to 185F, storage -85 to 257F

HUMIDITY: 0 to 95% noncondensing

INPUT: 100 Ohms Pt RTD, alpha = 0.00385


1) signal range: 4 to 20 mADC

2) absolute limit: 2 to 29 mA

3) open RTD indication: output > 22mA


1) zero 25% of normal span

2) Span 25% of normal span