STR571 Panel Meter for RS485 Modbus Sensors and Instruments

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STR571 Panel Meter for RS485 Modbus Sensors and Instruments
STR571  Front View
STR571 Front View
STR571  Rear View
STR571 Rear View
STR571  Side View
STR571 Side View
STR571  Bottom View
STR571 Bottom View

STR571 Panel Meter for RS485 Modbus Sensors and Instruments

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  • Read up to 8 Modbus Addresses
  • Isolated RS485 Serial Port
  • Display 1 to 4 Variables Per Page with Auto Sizing
  • Configurable with NFC using the MyPixsys APP
  • Two Relay Outputs
  • Potentiometer Input
  • Multimaster  Mode
The STR571 indicator/panel meter is designed as a flexible and fully customizable display for sensors, I/O modules, signal converters, and for most instrumentation with an Modbus-RTU output signal.

The device allows up to eight variables to be read from or written to Modbus slave devices, with display of the variables in both numeric and textual formats. Both a description and measurement unit for each variable can be freely set in alphanumeric characters, and if necessary, the data can also be rescaled in display. The number of variables displayed per page can be set from 1 to 4, with auto rescaling of the font size and consequent number of pages.

In addition to the galvanically isolated Master serial port with Modbus RTU/Ascii protocol, a second Slave serial port makes querying from another Master possible.

The STR571 panel meter is also quickly configurable via NFC with MyPixsys APP, without the need to power up the instrument or via multilingual  text menus accessible by front keyboard.

Alarms and Relay Outputs
The STR571 has two relay outputs that can be set to activate on an alarm condition.  Alarm types include:
  • High or Low Setpoint Alarm with Hysterisis
  • Band Alarm - Activates/de-activates either within or outside a designated band
  • Serial Communication Failure

Digital Inputs
There are three digital inputs configurable as PNP or NPN.  The digital inputs may be used to:
  • Enable outputs
  • Reset alarms
  • Lock configuration
  • Increase/decrease values
  • Select values

Potentiometer Input
The STR571 has a potentiometer input.  This input may be used for setting a variable value.  The value can then be used to write to a slave device.

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STR571 Data Sheet

STR571 User Manual

STR571 3D Model

Communication Protocols: One Modbus RTU Master,  One Modbus RTU Slave
Variable Management: Management of up to 8 Modbus RTU 16 or 32 bit variables
Multimaster: Connect up to 16 Modbus RTU master devices on the same serial line
Serial Transmission: Retransmission of process values, setpoints and parameters on the RS485 serial output
Alarm Mode: Absolute Threshold or Band(instantaneous or delayed with hysterisis), by digital input activation, activation by serial line
Alarm Function: 2 Alarms ON-OFF with hysteresis
Display Settings: 1 to 4 variables per page, max. 12 variables
Process Name and Setpoint Display: Set as text value with max. 16 alphanumeric characters
Measurement Unit Display: Selection of the process unit to be displayed
Language: English/Italian/German/French/Spanish
Data Protection: Access to parameters by Password
Display: 2.42" monochrome OLED graphic display (yellow), 128 x 64
Potentiometer Analog Input: min 1KΩ, 4096 points to set variable value
Digital inputs: 2 digital PNP/NPN inputs programmable to enable outputs, reset alarms, configuration lock, increase/decrease value, front panel encoder for surfing and changing input data, 1 PNP input programmable to select values
Auxiliary Power: 24VDC for potentiometer(1KΩ minimum)
Relay Outputs: 2x 2 A - 250 V AC resistive load
Serial Communication: 2x RS485 (1200..115200 Baud) galvanically isolated
USB: 1x micro USB for firmware programming
Power Supply: 24 to 230 VAC/DC  15% 50/60 Hz - galvanic isolation 2,5KV
Power Consumption: 6 Watt/Va
Dimensions: 96x48 (Front) x 48 mm (1/8Din)
Material: Case - polycarbonate, front panel - silicone rubber
Weight: Approx. 165 g
Protection: front panel- IP65, enclosure and terminal blocks: IP20
Operating Conditions: Temperature 0-45  C, humidity 35 to 95 RH%, max altitude 2000m
Certifications: CE, UL