TC-WELDER Thermocouple Welder

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TC-WELDER  Thermocouple Welder
TC-WELDER  Thermocouple Welder
TC-WELDER  Thermocouple Welder
TC-WELDER  Thermocouple Welder

TC-WELDER Thermocouple Welder

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  • Powered by 110vac, 220vac or with Built-in Battery (Similar Looking Competitive Models Accept only 110/220 vac)
  • Easy to Use Even with No Prior Experience Making Thermocouples
  • Produce Commercial Grade Thermocouples
  • Economically Priced with a Complete Feature Set
  • Can be Used With or Without Argon Gas
  • Includes All Accessories
  • USA Based Technical Support

Don't be fooled by the low price, the IOThrifty TC-WELDER is a full featured spot welder used for making thermocouples. We have seen welders advertised at three to four times the price with a less impressive feature set. With the TC-WELDER thermocouple welder you can create professional welds even with no prior experience. The TC-WELDER is easy to use; just grasp your thermocouple leads together with the included welding pliers and  touch the thermocouple leads to the carbon electrode to make a professional thermocouple weld.

Weld with or Without Argon Gas
Argon gas is optionally used during the welding process. The Argon gas acts as a shield isolating the weld from the atmosphere. The welder can be used with or without Argon gas. To use Argon gas, connect the gas line to the back of the welder and manually apply the gas using the included foot switch. The welder also has an AUTO mode which will apply the Argon gas automatically when the weld is made.

Powered by AC or Battery (Most Competitive Models Accept only AC)
The welder comes with power options. It accepts 110vac or 220vac. Included with the welder is a 110vac power cord but a standard 220vac cord may also be used. The welder also contains an internal battery which is charged by the ac power.  When disconnected from the ac power the battery power can be used to make weld after weld.

LED Heat Indicator for Repeatable Results
The LED Heat indicator on the front of the TC-WELDER allows you to set the power used for the weld. This visual indicator makes it easy to adjust the power for different wire sizes and wire types in order to provide consistent and repeatable welds.

Includes Everything You Need to Get Started
The TC-WELD includes all of the accessories you need to start making thermocouple welds. It includes, welding pliers, protective eye wear, welding clamp, foot-switch, spare carbon electrode and a 110vac power cord. Thermocouple wire and Argon gas is not included.

 Welder Functions

Thermcouple Welder with Callouts


Power Button – When the switch is turned on, the power button has two conditions: light or no light, When the light is on, it indicates that the welder is operating from AC power.  If the light is off, the welder is operating from the internal rechargeable battery,


AUTO/MAN Button – Automatic or manual Argon flow control.  When set to AUTO, the flow of Argon is activated automatically when a weld is made.  In the MAN (manual) mode, the REMOTE switch is used to activate the flow of Argon of argon. The manual mode is recommended.


DISCH Button – Discharge Button.  When the welding energy is lowered, the DISCH button is used to discharge the internal capacitor and release the excess energy. Hold the button until the WAIT light turns on.  The HEAT meter will also change in real time.  Please use this button with care.  DO NOT hold the button after the wait light come on as it may cause damage to the welder.


Electrode Clamp Port – This port accepts the connection of the included clamp which may be used in place of the integral welding electrode.


READY Indicator – When the light is on, the welder is ready to be used.


WAIT Indicator – When the light is on, it indicates that welder is building charge and it is in a non-welding state.


BAT Indicator – When the light is on, it indicates that the battery power is insufficient. Please charge or connect the external power supply.


OUT Output Port – This port is used to connect the included welding pliers for the welding operation.


REMOTE Port – Used to connect the included Foot Switch which controls the flow of Argon gas when the AUTO/MAN switch is in the MAN state.


Welding Electrode – Electrode and protective cover used for welding.


Welding Power Indicator – Provides a real time display of the welding power level.


LEVEL Knob – Used to adjust the welding thermal energy. Since different thermocouple wire sizes require different heat levels, you can adjust the amount of thermal energy.



TC-WELDER User Guide

TC-WELDER Spec. Sheet



IOThrifty's Thermcouple Welder Model TC-WELDER



Power: 90-260Vac 50/60Hz, Also operates from internal rechargeable battery
Size: 280 X 238 X 90mm(11 X 9.4 X 3.5in)  
Weight: 4.7kg(10.4lbs)
Wire Gauge: welds wire as large as #16 gauge and as small as #30 gauge
Argon Connector: Push-in style fitting, accepts 6mm tubing