Ubibot Global SIM Card

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Ubibot Global SIM Card

Ubibot Global SIM Card

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  • Chose from Multiple Plan Options
  • Pay as You Go Monthly Plans
  • Manage Your Account from the Cloud Platform
  • Works Internationally in Over 100 Countries

The UBIBOT-GLOBAL-SIM is a SIM card for the WS1-PRO and GS1 IOT devices with cellular connectivity.  These devices are shipped with a SIM card so the UBIBOT-GLOBAL-SIM is an extra or back-up card.

The data plans for Ubibot Global SIM is not included in the SIM card purcahse. Instead, it’s separately offered on Ubibot IoT platform where you can decide which plan to choose and when to get started. Intelligent data management saves you more precious time.

 Plan Traffic Monthly Fee* Annual Fee*
Global 50 50MB 6.99 82.99
Global 100 100MB 11.99 139.99
Global 200 200MB 21.98 254.99
Global 300 300MB 31.69 369.99
Global 500 500MB 50.69 569,99
Global 1000 1,000MB 86.99 969.99

* Fee is in USD


Globally Suitable SIM, Fits Ubibot and Other IoT Devices

The UbiBot Global SIM covers most of the telecommunication providers around the world. For details, please check the list below.

Canada Rogers Wireless, Bell, Telus, Videotron
 United States
T-Mobile, AT&T, Alaska Wireless, US Cellular   

 View the Complete List of Global Providers.



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