TC-CO1-K Ultra Fast Cement-On Foil Thermocouple

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TC-CO1-K Ultra Fast Cement-On Foil Thermocouple
TC-CO1-K Ultra Fast Cement-On Foil Thermocouple
TC-CO1-K Ultra Fast Cement-On Foil Thermocouple

TC-CO1-K Ultra Fast Cement-On Foil Thermocouple

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  • 10-20 Millisecond Response Time
  • Laser Butt Welded Junction Using Proprietary Process
  • Made from 0.001 Thermocouple Foil Encapsulated in Kapton
  • A Premium Sensor Offered at an Economical Price
  • Very Low Thermal Mass
  • K Type Calibration
  • Made From High Accuracy Special Limits of Error Thermocouple Wire
  • Temperature Range: -200°C to 250°C Continuous Use (Higher Rating for Single Use)

The TC-CO1-K is a precision made thermocouple temperature sensor designed to measure the surface temperature of both flat and round surfaces.  This sensor has an impressive ultra-fast response time of 20-30 milliseconds and yet is rugged enough to be used in harsh industrial environments. It is constructed from high grade thermocouple alloys which provide maximum accuracy and the polyimide encapsulation make it both flexible and durable.  The TC-CO1-K is a premium sensor offered at an economical price.  Comparable sensors are commonly sold at  twice the price of the TC-CO1-K.

The Ultra-Thin Inverted "W" Shaped Junction Provides Ultra Fast Response
In order to make accurate surface temperature measurements with a thermocouple, a specialized thermocouple is required.  Most wire thermocouples are manufactured  with a spherical junction (the point at which the two dissimilar metals are joined).  Although spherical, or a beaded junction work fine for the measurement of gases and liquids, it does not work well for solid surfaces.  The problem is that only a small part of the spherical junction will actually contact the surface.   A thermocouple with a flattened bead is required for an accurate surface temperature measurement.

The sensing portion of the TC-CO1-K is not spherical, it is constructed from extremely thin flattened thermocouple foil.  The welding process used to create the junction is a proprietary process that assures that the junction is thinner than the thickest part of the foil. Since the foil junction is flat, it is ideal for surface measurement.  The sensing part of the TC-CO1-K is artfully formed into an inverted "W" shape.  This shape coupled with the thin foil creates a sensing element with very low thermal mass and extremely fast response time.

Designed for Maximum Accuracy
Several design aspects of TC-CO1-K make it ideal for high accuracy surface temperature measurement applications.  As already noted, the flat shape of the junction is critical for an accurate surface temperature measurement.  The ultra fast response is essential for dynamic processes where accurate time-temperature data is required.  The sensor is also manufactured using premium grade special limits of error thermocouple alloys which produce a thermocouple with the maximum accuracy specification.

Rugged and Durable in Polyimide Laminate
The ultra thin foil junction of the TC-CO1-K is encapsulated in a polyimide laminate (Kapton) which serves to protect the junction from mechanical stress as well as providing resistance to contaminants in the  environment. The polyimide encapsulation has good dielectric strength and thermal conductivity thus isolating the sensor junction from the measurement surface without compromising on the response time. Because it is flexible, the sensor may be used to measure the temperature of both flat and curved surfaces.  The size of the polyimide laminate can be trimmed on the sides by the user to meet specific site installation requirements. All materials selected for the construction of the sensor have matching thermal coefficients of expansion to eliminate failure at temperature extremes caused by differential expansion.


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Ultra Fast Cement-On Thermocouple


TC-CO1-K Spec. Sheet



Thermocouple Calibration: Type K
Temperature Range: -200 to 250°C (single use temperature range can be increased to 600 to 800°C by using cement bonding technique)
Mounting Laminate Size: 35mm x 13mm
Laminate Material: Kapton
Lead Wire: 40 inches length, 36 gauge conductors with Teflon insulation
Foil Thickness: 0.001 inches
Response Time: 10-20 milliseconds