Wiring the NP400 Pressure Transducer with a DIN Connector

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Wiring the NP400 Pressure Transducer with a DIN Connector

Learn how to wire a pressure transducer with a DIN connector in this quick tutorial. We cover removing the connector, accessing screw terminals, and wiring the NP400 and NP640 models.

View the NP400 on IOThritfy - https://www.iothrifty.com/products/np400-low-cost-pressure-transmitter

View the NP640 on IOThritfy - https://www.iothrifty.com/products/np640-pressure-transmitter


We have had a few customers tell us that they were not familiar with the DIN connector found some of our pressure transducers and not sure how to wire the connectors, so we’ve created this video to demonstrate how wire a pressure transducer with a DIN connector.  For this video we’ll be using the NP400 pressure transducer, but the wiring would be similar for other transducers with DIN connectors like the NP640.

The first step is to remove the connector from the transducer body. I recommend removing the screw holding the connector to the pressure transducer completely.  If you turn the connector over, you’ll see a small slot in the corner of the connector.  Insert a screwdriver into the slot to remove the screw terminal block.  Once this is done, you’ll have access to the screw terminals.

The NP400 is a two-wire transducer which means power and signal travel along the same two wires.  Here is the wiring diagram for the NP400.  It is also the same wiring for the NP640 pressure transducer.

Pin 1 is the positive connection and pin 2 is the negative connection.  We’ve connected the red wire of our cable to terminal 1 and the black wire to terminal two.  Now we’ll re-assemble the connector to the transducer body.

You would then attach the other end of the cable to whatever device you’ll use to read the pressure. Since that wiring is specific to the reading device, we won’t cover it in this video but if you have questions feel free to contact us at IOthrifty about this product or any of our other products.