NP640 Pressure Transmitter with 0.25% Accuracy and Scaleable Output

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NP640 Pressure Transmitter with 0.25% Accuracy and Scaleable Output
NP640 Pressure Transmitter with 0.25% Accuracy and Scaleable Output

NP640 Pressure Transmitter with 0.25% Accuracy and Scaleable Output

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  • All Stainless Steel Wetted Parts 
  • Software Scaleable 4-20mA Output Range
  • 3:1 Rangeabiity
  • 0.25% Accuracy( (1.0 % for the 100 bar model)
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Dynamic Response Time < 30 ms
  • IP65 Protection Rating
  • Gauge Pressure Measurement

The NP640 is a family of industrial pressure transmitters with all wetted steel parts.  They are robust and reliable transducers suitable for general industrial applications. They feature piezoresistive oil-filled pressure front-end technology, digital field calibration capabilities and a wide range of pressure measurement ranges.

With a 0.25% accuracy the transducers are well suited for laboratory and R&D applications where precision pressure measurement is required. The rugged stainless steel body also makes them a good choice for industrial environments.

The NP640 transmitters 4-20mA output range is configurable to zoom up to 1/3 of the nominal range. This is accomplished using a USB connection to a Windows computer with the optional TxConfig-DIN43650 interface cable and free downloadable TxConfigII software. The factory calibration may also be adjusted in the field using the same software and cable connection.

Add an Optional Local Display with LoopView

LoopView is a two-wire 4-20 mA loop-powered indicator which mounts directly on transducers providing a local display.



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 Model No. Range
NP640-14NPT-1BARIn Stock 14.50 PSIG(1 Bar)
NP640-14NPT-4BARIn Stock 58 PSIG(4 Bar)
NP640-14NPT-10BARIn Stock 145 PSIG(10 Bar) 
NP640-14NPT-16BAR 232 PSIG(16 Bar)
NP640-14NPT-25BARIn Stock 362 PSIG(25 Bar)
NP640-14NPT-40BARIn Stock 580 PSIG(40 Bar)
NP640-14NPT-60BARIn Stock 870 PSIG(60 Bar)
NP640-14NPT-100BARIn Stock 1,450 PSIG(100 Bar)
NP640-14NPT-160BARIn Stock  2,360 PSIG(160 Bar)
NP640-14NPT-250BARIn Stock  3,625 PSIG(250 Bar)
NP640-14NPT-400BARIn Stock 5,800 PSIG(400 Bar)

NP640 User Manual
TxConfigII Software




Type of Measure: Positive Gauge Pressure
Rangeability: 3:1
Measurement Accuracy: < ±0.25 % of the Maximum Range (Max. Range) Including Linearity, Hysteresis and Repeatability, 25 °C (1.0 % accuracy for the 100 bar model)
Maximum Thermal Error: < ±0.05 % Max. Range / °C
Overpressure Range: 2 Times Nominal Pressure
Output Signal: 4-20 mA, 2 Wires
Power Supply : 11 to 33 Vdc
Protection Rating: IP65
Electrical Connector: DIN 43650 (EN 175301-803)
Operating Temperature: -20 to 70 °C / -4 to 158 °F
Dynamic Response: < 30 ms
Process Connection (Thread): ¼ NPT
Sensor Style: Polysilicon Piezoresistive (Silicone Oil Filled)
Transmitter Housing: 316L  Stainless Steel
Wetted Parts: 316L Stainless Steel

NP640 Dimensions