Ubibot Remote Monitoring and Recording Devices

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UbiBot Remote Monitoring and Data Logging Devices


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The UbiBot family of environmental sensors and data loggers measure temperature, humidity, ambient light and more and transmit the data to to the UbiBot Cloud platform.




R & D

How It Works

The UbiBot devices store data in their large internal memory and at user programmable intervals. The data is transmitted to the UbiBot cloud platform for remote display and storage. Even if connection to the cloud is lost the UbiBot devices continue to store data and resumes transfer when the connection to the cloud platform is restored.  

Five Models to Choose From



WiFi enabled continually monitors temperature, humidity and ambient light.

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The device features a  large LCD display and offers both WiFi and 4G cellular connectivity.



An industrial grade device with WiFi , 4G  cellular and Ethernet connectivity.  Supports a large variety of remote probes.

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The SP1 is a remotely controlled AC plug that enables control of connected devices via WiFi or cellular connection.

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GS2 pH and Conductivity Data Logger



An industrial grade data logger for for pH, conductivity and temperature.  WiFi and cellular connectivity

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The UbiBot Cloud Platform Gives You Full Control of Your Data

  • Access Data From Anywhere with an Internet Connection
  • Real Time Data Monitoring and Charting
  • Secure Data Logging and Storage
  • Multiple Types of Alarms and Notifications
  • Assign Data Access Rights to Others 
  • Multi-Device Support

The UbiBot Cloud Does More Than Just Display and Store Data

The UbiBot cloud platform incudes  host of additional features that allow for various  alarm notifications and  interactions and integrations with other software services and platforms.

Email Alerts

If This Then That

SMS Text Alerts

Voice Call Alerts

Google Sheets AutoSync

HTTP Interactions

Alexa Integration

The Full Featured App Gives You Full Access to Your Data…Even on the Go

  • Configure Your Devices
  • View Data from All Devices
  • Receive Alerts on Your Phone or Mobile Device 
  • Manage Your Devices
  • View Shared Alerts

Want To Know More?

Have questions or need more details?  Contact us at IOthrifty through telephone, email for web chat.   We would love to discuss your remote monitoring application!