N20K48 Modular Temperatue/Process PID Controller

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N20K48 Modular Temperatue/Process PID Controller
N20K48 Modular Temperatue/Process PID Controller
N20K48 Rear View
N20K48 Rear View
N20K48 Detachable Screw Terminals
N20K48 Detachable Screw Terminals
N20K48 With Expansion Dock
N20K48 With Expansion Dock
N20K48 With ClickNGo Modules
N20K48 With ClickNGo Modules

N20K48 Modular Temperatue/Process PID Controller

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  • Input Types: Thermocouple J, K, T, E, S, N, R, B, PT100, 0-50 mV, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA
  • AutoTune PID Control
  • Heat or Cool Control Action
  • Compact 1/16 DIN Size
  • 1 Pulse and 1 Relay Output Expandable with Micromodules
  • Ramp & Soak: 20 Programs, 9 Segments
  • 18 ms Sampling Rate
  • USB and Bluetooth Communications
  • RS485 Modbus RTU (optional)
  • Expandable Via ClickNGo Modules
  • Wireless Configuration and Diagnostics
  • Lowest Depth Controller in the Market
  • Smartphone and PC Friendly Software
  • Optional WiFi Connectivity for Remote Access(New!)

The N20K48 Modular Controller brings a new concept of modularity to PID controllers. Traditionally manufacturers of electronic instrumentation have a wide range of controllers. Each model presents different functionalities designed to meet the specific requirements of each installation. However the N20K48 Modular Controller starts with the core unit with the most popular features but provides many expanded capabilities through the addition of plug and play ClickNGo add-on modules. The ClickNGo modules provide features such as analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, and RS485 communications. When added to the core unit, the ClickNGo modules are automatically recognized by the controller, which will display the parameters to set the available resources. A dock accessory is used to attach the modules to the controller. All modules have screw terminals for electrical connections.

Core Unit Features
Without the addition of ClickNGo modules, the N20K48 Modular Controller is a complete and autonomous device capable of handling many basic control functions. It capabilities include

  • 1 Universal Analog Input Channel
  • 1 Voltage Pulse Output Channel *
  • 1 Relay Output Channel *
  • Ramp and Soak Control
  • PID, AutoTune PID and On/Off Control Modes
  • Ramp and Soak Control
  • Multiple Alarm Modes
  • Timer Control
  • USB Communications and Wireless Bluetooth Communications

* Expandable with ClickNGo modules

Ramp and Soak
The N20K48 controller allows you to create a set point profile, called Ramp and Soak program. You can set up to 20 different profiles with 9 segments each. You can also create longer profiles of up to 180 segments by linking 2 or more profiles. The figure below shows an example of a ramp and profile.

Ramp and Soak Example

N20K48 Modular Controller has 4 independent alarms which can be configured to operate in any of the following modes:

  • Low Minimum Value
  • High Maximum Value
  • Differential Value
  • Differential Minimum Value
  • Differential Maximum
  • Input Error
  • Ramp and Soak Event Alarm
  • End of Ramp and Soak Profile
  • Input Loop Break Detection

The controller has 2 timers, which operate independently of the primary control function. The timers may be applied to the relay or digital outputs.

Manual PID, AutoTune, Adaptive AutoTune or Simple On/Off Control
The N20K48 has advance control capabilities. PID control requires tuning the controller to the process. The N20K48 allows the tuning parameters to be entered manually or it can be set to self tune with AutoTune and Adaptive AutoTune mode. Auto-Tuning is initiated at the operator request while Auto-Adaptive Tuning is initiated by the controller whenever the control performance is lower than desired. The N20K48 can also be set to operate in the more simple on/off control mode.

USB and Bluetooth and Optional RS485 Communications
The N20K48 Modular Controller has both USB and Bluetooth Communications. These communications are used for configuration and diagnostics. We offer QuickTune software for communicating with the N20K48 through the USB connection and QuickTune Mobile for wireless Bluetooth operation.

There is also an optional ClickNGo module which adds RS485 with Modbus Protocol. RS485 is ideal for monitoring purposes of one or more controllers. We also offer the free the FieldChart-Lite software which can monitor 8 simultaneous devices. 

WiFi Connectivity(New!)
By adding the CG-WiFi ClickNGo module the N20K48 can be used an IoT device with WiFi connectivity for remote access and control. The WiFi module is supported by the Novus Cloud platform and  also supports Modbus TCP and MQTT protocol which which provides compatibility with other Data Acquisition and SCADA software packages.  IOthrifty offers a bundled solution of the N20K48 with all of the the accessories for WiFi Communication.   Click here for N20K48 Temperature/Process Controller Bundle with WiFi Connectivity for Remote and IoT Access.

Free QuickTune Software

QuickTune Software

QuickTune is a free software tool for parameter configuration of NOVUS controllers and indicators. With its clean interface any lay or advanced user can friendly access and modify all device functions for proper configuration. Designed for easy and quick commissioning, it provides diagnosis and monitoring resources to field technicians. More than a software, QuickTune is a tool. Furthermore, QuickTune offers the main features to meet most users and profile needs in the industry.

ClickNGo Modules

N20K48 with dock and ClickNGo Modules

The ClickNGo electronic modules extend the N20K48 Modular Controller capabilities. They are electrically powered by the controller and have their own connectors. There are three different module sizes. Currently, the following modules are available:

CG-2R5 Module: Provides 2 channels of Relay Output.
CG-2R5 Module: Provides 2 channels of 5A Relay Output. Size 2
CG-3DI Module: Provides 3 channels of Digital Inputs
CG-3DI Module: Provides 3 channels of Digital Inputs. Size 1
CG-3DO Module: Provides 3 channels of Voltage Pulse Digital Output
CG-3DO Module: Provides 3 channels of Voltage Pulse Digital Output. Size 1
CG-485 Module: Provides 1 RS485 Digital Communication channel
CG-485 Module: Provides 1 RS485 Digital Communication Channel. Size 1
CG-AO Module: Provides 1 Analog Output channel
CG-AO Module: Provides 1 Analog Output Channel. Size 1
CG-R16 Module: Provides 1 16A Relay. Size 1
CG-WiFi WiFi Module
CG-WiFi Module Provides WiFi Connectivity Size 4

Once attached to the back of the N20K48 Modular Controller, the dock allows you to attach electronic modules to the device. The dock is designed to hold up to 8 ClickNGo modules.
Size 1 modules use one slot and a controller dock can hold up to eight Size 1 modules.
Size 2 modules use two slots and a controller dock can hold up to four Size 2 modules.
Size 4 modules use four slots and a controller dock can hold up to four Size 4 modules.


FieldChart Supervisory and Data Acquisition Software (Lite version available as a free download)

FieldChart is a software used for monitor and register data acquired from NOVUS products. It generates real time trends and data lists that can be exported in usable formats like a spread sheet. There are two versions available: FieldChart-Lite and FieldChart-64C. The FieldChart-Lite can register 8 simultaneous channels and it is available for free. The FieldChart-64C can register up to 64 simultaneous channels.

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N20K48In Stock N20K48 modular controller with 100-240 Vac/dc power (ClickNGo modules and expansion dock sold separately)
N20K48-24VIn Stock N20K48 modular controller with 12~24 Vdc / 24 Vac power( ClickNGo modules and expansion dock sold separately)


Data Sheet
User Manual
Communication Protocol Manual



Getting Started with the N20K48 Temperature and Process Controller




Input Types/ Ranges
J Thermocouple: -110 to 950 °C (-166 to 1742 °F)
K Thermocouple: -150 to 1370 °C (-238 to 2498 °F)
T Thermocouple: -160 to 400 °C (-256 to 752 °F)
N Thermocouple: -270 to 1300 °C (-454 to 2372 °F)
R Thermocouple: -50 to 1760 °C (-58 to 3200 °F)
S Thermocouple: -50 to 1760 °C (-58 to 3200 °F)
B Thermocouple: 400 to 1800 °C (752 to 3272 °F)
E Thermocouple: -90 to 730 °C (-130 to 1346 °F)
PT100: -200 to 850 °C (-328 to 1562 °F)
Current: 0-20mA, 4-20mA,
Voltage: 0-50mVdc, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc

Internal Resolution: 32767 levels (15 bits)
Display Resolution: 12000 level (from - 1999 to 9999)
Reading Rate: Up to 55 per second

Thermocouples: J, K, T, E: 0.2 % of span ±1°C
Thermocouples: N, R, S, B: 0.25 % of span ±3°C
PT100: 0.2% of span
Voltage/Current: 0.2% of span

Input Impedance
0-50 mV, PT100 and Thermocouples: >10 MΩ
0-5 V: >1 MΩ
4-20 mA: 15Ω (+2Vdc@20 mA)

PT100 Measurement: 3-wire type (a=0.00385), 0.170 mA excitation current.

Control Output
Voltage Pulse for SSR (OUT A): 5 V maximum. / 20 mA
SPST-NO Relay (OUT B): 3 A / 240Vac

Communication Interfaces
USB 2.0 Interface
Bluetooth Low Energy (BEL) Interface

Frontal Panel: IP65, polycarbonate - UL94 V-2
Housing: IP30, ABS+PC UL94 V-0

QuickTune (PC)
QuickTune Mobile (Smartphones)

Dimensions: 48.8 x 48.8 x 36.7 mm (1/16 DIN)
Panel Cut-out: 45.2 x 45.2 mm (+0.5 -0.0 mm)
Approximate Weight: 70 g (without dock and modules)
Power Supply: 100 to 240 Vac/dc (±10 %), 50 / 60 Hz, Optionally 24V: 12 to 24 Vdc / 24 Vac (-10 % / +20 %)
Maximum Consumption: 10 VA
Operating Temperature: -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)
Relative Humidity: 80 % max. @ 30 °C (Reduce 3 % for each °C for temperatures above 30 °C)